MidAmerican Energy

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MidAmerican Energy: Natural Gas and Electric Solutions in the Midwest

Founded in 1995 in Des Moines, IA, MidAmerican Energy is Iowa's largest energy company, servicing nearly 740,000 electrical customers and 720,000 natural gas customers across four states. As a distributor of natural gas and electricity to the region, the company works with local businesses and Midwest communities to provide knowledgeable support and alternative electricity options thanks to renewable energy research. With a focus on energy-efficiency programs and dependable electric service, the company is an advocate for economic development in its service territories. It uses a free HomeCheck energy assessment to help customers discover how efficient their homes can be and find ways to save money on their monthly energy bills. Or if you are a business owner in its service territory, you can utilize MidAmerican Energy's Commercial Energy Solutions program to plan for the future of your business.

Protecting the environment

According to its website, one of the company's core values is a concern for the environment. It stresses the importance of providing the Midwest region with responsible production of both natural gas and electricity and committing to reducing negative impact on our world's clean air. To do so, the company invests in wind energy generation as well as electricity transmission and distribution equipment that cuts down on wasted kilowatts.

Customer care and payment options

MidAmerican Energy operates as a utility, supplying electricity and natural gas and maintaining the series of pipes, poles and wires that deliver energy directly to your home or business, though customers of MidAmerican Energy in Illinois have the option of choosing an alternative supplier for their electricity supply. In all markets, the company employs an informed support staff that can answer questions about changes to MidAmerican Energy rates, issues paying bills, reporting downed power lines or gas leaks and switching service. A few of the other perks associated with this company include:
  • Using automated bill pay to take the stress out of remembering to write checks each month.
  • Discussing your meter reading with an agent to analyze your daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption.
  • Reporting a new outage or checking the company's outage map to see whether the whole neighborhood is down or it's just your home.
  • Submitting a streetlight repair request.
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MidAmerican Energy service area and contact information

  • Areas served: Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska
  • Emergency contact information:
    • Gas leaks: 800-595-5325
    • Power outage/wires down: 800-799-4443
Updated: 7-17-15