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Deregulated natural gas

Natural gas makes up about 36% of all electricity generated in the U.S. and powers a growing number of homes and businesses. Currently there are 17 states (plus Washington D.C.) that offer deregulated natural gas options for residents, businesses, or both. This allows consumers to choose the natural gas plans and rates that work best for their energy needs.

States with deregulated natural gas

Some states offer deregulated natural gas for residential consumers, while others only offer it for commercial customers. If you are interested in learning more about deregulated natural gas in your area, find your state below. Your state’s page will provide more details about your natural gas options and you can enter your ZIP code on the page to explore available natural gas rates.

Deregulated natural gas markets

California New Jersey
Florida New Mexico
Georgia New York
Illinois Ohio
Indiana Pennsylvania
Maryland Rhode Island
Massachusetts Virginia
Michigan West Virginia
Montana Washington, D.C.

Find a natural gas plan with SaveOnEnergy

In deregulated markets, energy providers compete for consumers’ business. This often means lower electric rates and more plan options for shoppers. If you live in an area with a deregulated natural gas market, you can compare different natural gas companies and plans to find the best one for your home or business.

Shopping for a natural gas plan is easy. While our site specializes in deregulated electricity plans, our partner site,®, features a variety of deregulated natural gas plans. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your ZIP code above. Our partner site, Choose Energy, will show you rates from natural gas providers in your area.
  2. Filter by rate type, contract length, and providers to make sure you find a plan that will work for your energy needs.
  3. Sign up online. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your plan details. From there, your new provider will coordinate the switch with your utility company.

Natural gas plans and options

When shopping for deregulated natural gas plans, there are a few features you should consider. Understanding your options will help you narrow down the choices in your area and choose the best natural gas plan for your home or business.

Types of natural gas plans

Every natural gas plan on our sites is a fixed-rate plan. This means that you will be charged the same rate for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) that you use. Fixed-rate plans protect consumers from price changes in the energy market and require a contract.

Natural gas contracts

Because the natural gas options on our sites are fixed-rate plans, you will be locked into a contract. Natural gas contracts normally last 12, 24, or 36 months, although there are some 48-month options. Choose a contract length that works for your living situation. If you are renting your home or apartment, you may want to consider a 12-month contract to align with your lease. If you plan to live in your current home for several years, a longer contract could offer a lower rate long term.

Natural gas terms and conditions

Before signing up for a deregulated natural gas plan, be sure to read the plan’s terms and conditions carefully. The terms and conditions document — usually listed as TOS — will outline important details about your rate type, billing information, and provider policies.

Deregulated electricity rates

Some states also have deregulated electricity markets. The difference between an energy plan and a natural gas plan comes down to the type of electricity being used. While a natural gas plan only uses natural gas, other deregulated energy plans can use power sources like coal, wind energy, and solar power. Visit our electricity rates page for more information about states with deregulated energy markets.

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