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Take Advantage of Indiana Natural Gas Choice

While many states have deregulated both the electricity and natural gas markets, some are taking a more calculated approach. There’s only one utility area where the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission allows residents and businesses to choose among Indiana natural gas rates. Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) customers might be able to find a better set of natural gas rates, and should take advantage of the opportunity to do so.

Capitalizing on the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission program

By opting in to the NIPSCO Choice Program, you have the opportunity to shop around for your Indiana natural gas rates. There are several providers that have partnered with NIPSCO to deliver competitive Indiana natural gas rates.

Remember, just because you live in the NIPSCO service area doesn’t mean you have to choose a competitive natural gas plan. Do your homework, and make sure your final decision is the best call for your needs.

Choosing the right Indiana natural gas rates

Retail suppliers purchase Indiana natural gas at wholesale prices and sell it directly to consumers. Because retail suppliers can only sell supply, not deliver it, NIPSCO plays a vital role in your energy service. It will transport the natural gas supply you’ve purchased from the production company to its facility in Northern Indiana. Finally, it sends the gas to your home through its expansive distribution system.

When you choose a supplier, you can be sure it meets the same quality and safety standards NIPSCO is held to. Each supplier has to pass operational and financial qualifications before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission allows it to operate in the state. However, if you prefer, NIPSCO can continue to provide your natural gas supply.

NISCO is regulated by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, but it may not be able to offer competitive natural gas rates, customer service options or plan agreements when compared to an alternative supplier. If you spend a few minutes comparing the Indiana natural gas rates offered by alternative suppliers available in your area, you could come out on top.

Regardless, NIPSCO will continue to charge you for the transmission and distribution of natural gas to your home or business. It will also read your meter and send you a bill. If you choose a retail supplier, you may receive two bills outlining your natural gas rates and other various charges each month. Retail suppliers in Indiana have the option to send a separate bill for the cost of your supply or work with NIPSCO to include its charges on your usual bill.

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