Compare electricity providers: In Texas consumers have the power to choose

In Texas, the power to choose electricity is well understood by consumers in deregulated cities. The power signifies a consumer's ability to compare electricity providers in Texas and discover the best plan and offerings available in their area. This law, known as deregulation, took effect in 2002. At this time, many highly populated cities in Texas such as Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, McKinney and Pasadena began abiding by new energy laws that completely changed the energy industry.

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Deregulation gives consumers choices

Prior to deregulation, consumers received electricity supply from their utility company. When deregulation legislation went into full swing, however, homeowners, renters, business and land owners in these utility service areas were able to buy their electricity supply from one of an abundance of retail electric providers (REPs) instead.

Moving to a deregulated city?

If you're moving to a deregulated city in Texas, you're going to need a new provider. If you already live in Texas, however, you may be ready to switch to a new provider and start shopping around. Before exercising the power to choose, discover your energy options.

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Exercising your power to choose

Now, consumers in deregulated service areas must choose a REP in order to receive power in their home or business. Since there are more than a handful of REPs offering Texas electricity plans and they're all competing for business, consumers interested in finding a REP with multiple energy plans, exclusive offerings and quality customer service will need to do some research before choosing. is an informational website fully operated by the Texas Public Utility Commission. The site assists consumers in finding new plans and providers by offering hundreds of electricity plans. All retail electric providers have the ability to list all of their offers on this website, therefore, consumers might have to narrow their search to find a plan that meets their needs. Exploring options will give customers the leverage to make an informed decision.

Take advantage of the power deregulation provides and plug in with a new provider and plan!

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