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Deregulation gave Texans the ability to shop for energy plans, and SaveOnEnergy.com® takes things a step further. That's because we allow you to easily compare electricity supply plans to find low prices, favorable term lengths and more, all from 17 reliable retail energy providers. That's because we believe in energy choice and the leverage it gives you – the consumer. Simply enter your ZIP code above, sort the plans according to your preferences, and either call to enroll or sign up online. Get started today!

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A refresher on deregulation

Deregulation sounds complicated, but it isn't. It really just means energy choice – the ability to shop a competitive market, where providers must contend for your business. How? By shaving prices, pitching incentives such as free nights and/or weekends, or offering green energy plans to help you reduce your carbon footprint. It's a far cry from the time before deregulation, when Texans got their electricity from a utility – take the price offered or leave it! Enjoy the freedom to choose.

Who turns the lights back on?

Regardless of who supplies your electricity, a transmission and delivery utility (TDU) will still get it to your house. It also maintains and repairs the power lines and other infrastructure related to delivering power. That means if the power goes out, the TDU will handle restoration – not your retail electricity provider.

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Movers, does your new city have the power to choose?

Movers relocating to one of the Texas regions where deregulation is in force will need to find an electricity supplier. Even veteran Texans can probably use a hand finding a competitive energy plan that will serve all their needs.

How do you explore all your options? Enter your ZIP code above to see all the options, which you can filter by price, term length, green options and more. Want help? Call one of our energy experts at the number below and explain your needs.

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Your power, your choice

Texans are required to choose an electric provider to get power to their home or business. Many providers are competing for your business, and many offer special deals, helpful programs and other incentives to help you make your decision. With so much to process, shopping for a supply plan can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help.

How do I decide on a retailer?

Consider your energy usage and lifestyle. Supply plans usually have two main structure types: fixed and variable rate. If you own your residence or are renting long-term, you may want to consider a fixed-rate supply plan. Fixed-rate plans secure the rate for the whole contract term, while variable-rate plans allow rate fluctuation that can sometimes be unpredictable. However, variable-rate plans don’t have long-term contracts, which could come in handy if you’re renting short-term. Regardless, be sure to explore the Electricity Facts Label and read all fine print. When in doubt, give us a call.

Who do I contact for billing questions?

Once you sign up for a supply plan, you’re in the hands of the provider. SaveOnEnergy.com® is here to make the shopping process as easy as possible, but your payments are owed to the individual provider you enrolled with. If you have questions or concerns about your bill, call your provider.

Many states do not have the privileges that energy choice offers. Take advantage of the power to choose who supplies your electricity, and plug in with a new supply plan today!

Source: www.powertochoose.org.

Disclaimer: SaveOnEnergy.com is operated by Save On Energy LLC and is not affiliated with Power To Choose, powertochoose.org or the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Updated: 6-5-18.

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