Compare Electricity Providers: Texas Residents Have the Power to Choose

In Texas, the power to choose an electricity supply plan is familiar for consumers in deregulated cities. Now, consumers might have the ability to compare electricity providers in Texas and choose the best energy plan to fit their needs. Deregulation in Texas took effect in 2002, offering some Texans energy choice. At this time, some residents in many highly populated cities such as Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and Corpus Christi got to participate in this energy industry change.

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Deregulation gives consumers choices

Energy market competition opens up supply options to consumers that can choose a retail electric provider (REP). Before 2002, energy users received electricity supply and delivery from their utility company. When deregulation went into full swing, however, homeowners, renters, and business owners with access to energy choice were introduced to the idea of purchasing electricity supply from a REP instead. These providers work with utility companies to make sure electricity supply is still delivered to consumers safely and reliably.

Moving to a deregulated city?

If you’re moving to a Texas area with electric choice, you will need to choose an electricity provider. If you already live in Texas, however, you may be ready to switch to a new provider for any number of reasons. Maybe you’re interested in finding a green energy supply plan, a longer contract or new customer benefits. Before exercising your power to choose, it is important to explore all of your energy options.

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Exercising your power to choose

Now, consumers in Texas service areas that have electric choice are required to select a REP in order to receive power in their home or business. There are many REPs offering Texas electricity supply plans, and they’re all competing for your business. Consumers interested in finding a REP with a variety of energy supply plans, exclusive benefits and quality customer service will need to spend some time researching their options before making a choice. is an informational website operated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The site is designed to help consumers find new supply plans and providers in their area. All REPs have the ability to list all of their offers on this website, therefore, it can seem overwhelming at first. Taking the time to explore options will give customers the information they need to make an informed decision.

Many states do not have energy choice. Take advantage of the power deregulation provides and plug in with a new provider and supply plan!

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