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American Electric Power – also known as AEP – is an electric utility company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, that employs more than 17,000 workers and serves communities in 11 states. AEP generates about 30,000 megawatts, has approximately 40,000 miles of transmission lines and distributes power to more than 5 million customers in the U.S. The utility is making an impact in the community through initiatives such as the AEP Foundation, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and more. Also, it works to protect the environment through conservation programs, annual accountability reports and more.

Learn about the company's history

AEP has a long history. More than 100 years ago, it began as an electric and gas utility with properties spanning from Illinois to areas near the Atlantic coast. The company sold many of these properties over the years, but managed to maintain a foothold in five of its original communities served: Canton and Bridgeport, Ohio; Marion and Muncie, Indiana; and Wheeling, West Virginia.

In 1911, AEP first connected two power plants in Indiana to increase reliability. From there, the company built more power plants and continued to find ways to improve efficiency. Also, it survived the Great Depression and continued to grow in the post-war economy. By the end of the 20th century, the company's annual sales to retail customers exceeded 100 billion kilowatt-hours.

State Service Area Phone Number Service Area Map
Texas AEP Texas 1-877-373-4858 Click Here
Texas SWEPCO 1-888-216-3523 Click Here
Ohio AEP Ohio 1-800-672-2231 Click Here
Arkansas SWEPCO 1-888-216-3523 Click Here
Louisiana SWEPCO 1-888-216-3523 Click Here
Oklahoma Public Service Company of Oklahoma 1-888-216-3523 Click Here
Kentucky Kentucky Power 1-800-572-1113 Click Here
Indiana Indiana Michigan Power 1-800-311-4634 Click Here
Michigan Indiana Michigan Power 1-800-311-4634 Click Here
West Virginia Appalachian Power 1-800-956-4237 Click Here
Virginia Appalachian Power 1-800-956-4237 Click Here
Tennessee Appalachian Power 1-800-956-4237 Click Here

What is AEP Energy?

AEP Energy is the retail supplier under AEP's family of companies. It sells competitive supply plans to consumers with energy choice in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Washington, D.C. The retailer started business almost 15 years ago and now serves nearly 400,000 customers. In addition to its commercial and residential supply plans, AEP Energy offers energy-efficient solutions and online account management, according to its site. However, with energy choice, it's important to explore all retailer options available in your community.

Understand your energy options

At SaveOnEnergy, compare competitive retail electric providers and their rates when you enter your ZIP code. You can also call an energy specialist today and ask about available supply rates from providers within AEP Ohio, AEP Texas and other utility service areas. Even though you might search for supply offers, American Electric Power will always be your utility company. Report outages or electric emergencies to AEP directly at 1-800-277-2177.

Source: www.aep.com. Updated: 10-7-16.

Save for your home or business in minutes!

Please fill in the item(s) in red below to see rates.

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