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Understand American Light & Power

  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Founded: 2007
  • Markets served: Texas

Texas power companies, also known as retail electric providers (REPs), have competitively priced supply rates for Texans across the state. The American Light & Power site shows that its customers have a range of choices when it comes to billing methods and electricity options. The Houston-based company offers multiple electricity plans that can meet the energy needs of different Texas homes. In a residential setting, the company’s energy consumers can decide on either a fixed rate or variable rate. Fixed-rate electricity plans typically provide customers with more stability during their contract length. Instead of paying an irregular supply rate every month, Texas residents have the ability to pay the same rate for the entire contract term.

A variable-rate plan is a little more risky because the supply rate tends to fluctuate with the industry’s demands. Depending on demand, Texas residents could have the opportunity to pay a lower supply rate during energy market lows. However, when there’s a higher demand for energy, consumers could find themselves paying a higher monthly supply rate. In terms of contract length, American Light & Power customers can pick from contract lengths ranging from three to 24 months. Also, the company’s customers have the option to choose a green electricity plan.

Negotiate Texas business electricity plans

If you own a business in Texas, you’ll shop for electricity plans somewhat differently. Although this is true, business owners have a similar ability as residential customers in that they can compare multiple REP offers with one another. According to the American Light & Power site, small business owners can choose a “pre-defined” electricity supply option, but medium to large businesses must contact the REP for more supply quote information.

For an energy supply quote, a business owner or manager can fill out a basic informational form and discuss electricity plans with an energy representative shortly after. Through this process, a business owner can negotiate the building’s supply plan, which can make the plan more customized to the business’ energy needs.

American Light & Power has energy tips

If you’re looking for any advice for conserving energy throughout your home or office building, the company’s site provides a list of best energy practices for appliances, heating and cooling and general home improvement. Even the smallest changes can get you one step closer to becoming more energy efficient!

Updated 10-8-19

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