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What Is Atlantic City Electric?

Atlantic City Electric, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, is a power utility in southern New Jersey. Residents and business owners who live in the area may have their electricity transmitted and delivered by this particular utility. Counties serviced by the utility are Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Salem. In total, the utility serves more than 547,000 consumers over 2,700 square miles.

How does energy choice work in New Jersey?

When an energy choice bill passed in 1999, New Jersey electric consumers were given the ability to choose what electric company supplies their power. Consumers in Southern New Jersey who have Atlantic City Electric no longer have to purchase their supply from it. New Jersey electricity consumers have the option to pick a third-party supplier that offers alternative energy supply rates.

Learn about Atlantic City Electric as a supplier

Customers who live within the utility’s service area have the option of keeping it as their supplier. The government regulates utility electric supply rates and these rates can fluctuate with the market price of electricity. Supply rates have the potential to change twice a year and may not always be the best option for a customer’s home or business. However, in the New Jersey energy choice market, if customers would prefer a more predictable energy plan, they can choose third-party NJ electric suppliers that offer longer-term fixed-rate supply plans that may work better for their energy needs.

Find an energy supplier today

No matter which retail energy company supplies your energy, your utility will still deliver and transmit your electricity. If you are looking for a retailer (also known as a supplier) that serves your area,® can help. You can browse New Jersey electric suppliers that serve your area by entering your ZIP code. If you’re interested, give us a call to learn more about what kinds of plans are available to you.

Important Atlantic City Electric information:

  • Area served: Southern New Jersey
  • Power outage number:1-800-833-7476


Updated: 10-10-19

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