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About Dynegy Energy Services

Dynegy Energy Services is an electric supplier that powers homes and businesses in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The company also serves municipal buildings, public schools, and large companies like the Ford Motor Company.  Dynegy Energy Services is headquartered in Irving, TX, and has been in business for 37 years. These days, it’s part of the Texas-based Vistra family of companies. 

In Ohio, the company serves 315,000 customers in 88 counties. In Illinois, the company lists 600,000 customers in 80 counties. Dynegy Energy Services offers price-protected electric plans with no sign-up or monthly fees.  

Dynegy at-a-glance

  • Features long-term fixed-rate plans
  • Offers cashback options for electric supply costs
  • Some plans offer no early termination fees 

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Dynegy Energy Services plans

Take a look at some examples of Dynegy Energy Services plans below from the SaveOnEnergy Marketplace. It’s important to note that not all plans are available in all areas and plans can change based on your ZIP code. Enter your ZIP code today to find plans near you.

Dynegy Cash Rewards 24

This two-year, fixed-rate plan is part of Dynegy’s Cash Rewards program, which gives customers 5% cashback on their electric supply costs every 12 months.

Dynegy Cash Rewards 12

Similarly, this year-long plan also comes with a fixed rate and allows customers to earn cashback on their energy plan.

Dynegy Secure Value 6

This fixed-rate plan is only for new Dynegy customers. It’s the most affordable plan offered by Dynegy Energy Services, and it’s also the shortest, with a contract length of six months. 

Dynegy Secure Value 18

If you’re looking for a longer-term agreement with a fixed rate, you can opt for this 18-month plan from Dynegy. Plus, you won’t face an early termination fee if you cancel early. 

Services offered by Dynegy Energy Services

Dynegy Energy Services for residential customers

Dynegy is known for its 5% cashback on electricity. It also promotes its price-protected rates.  Some plans also have no sign-up fees or early cancellation, and the company tends to focus on long-term fixed-rate plans. Dynegy also has the Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Which means if you’re not happy, the company will make it right, or you can switch for free.  

Dynegy Energy Services for business customers

Dynegy Energy Services also offers energy plans for businesses, also with price-protected rates. The Dynegy Energy business page advertises the Total Satisfaction Guarantee: if you’re not happy with your plan, the company will make it right, or you can switch for free. 

Green energy options with Dynegy Energy Services

Dynegy offers customers the option to reduce their environmental impact through a renewable energy plan. To do this, Dynegy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) on their customers’ behalf to offset their usage. 

Other Dynegy Energy Services initiatives

  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee: If you aren’t thrilled with your service, you can switch for free.
  • Community investment: Dynegy Energy Services works with several charities within the communities that it serves. In Ohio, the company partners with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and more.  The company also supports multiple charities, such as the American Red Cross, the Special Olympics, Chicago HOPES for Kids,  local arboretums, local children’s hospitals, and local fundraisers.

How to move or transfer service with Dynegy Energy Services

You can take your Dynegy Cash Rewards with you if you move within the Dynegy service territory. However, rates can change in the new location. You still get the cashback that you earned on your term’s length. If you do not continue service with Dynegy or switch to a new plan,  you do not get any of the cashback that you earned. View our guide on moving for more information. 


Dynegy Energy Services electric rates in my area

It’s important to know that electric rates can change in different areas. Having a different ZIP code can mean different rates, even from the same provider. This is because transmission charges vary by location, so the utility transmission charge you see on your electric bill will be different depending on where you live. 

It’s important to look up rates using your ZIP code to find the best electricity rates near you. You can explore a list of rates from different energy providers on the SaveOnEnergy marketplace. Dynegy Energy Services electric rates will show if the plans are available in your area.  

Dynegy Energy Services FAQs

What happens to my Dynegy Energy Services plan if I move before my contract ends?

If you’re an existing Dynegy Energy Services customer, you should let the company know that you’re moving. Or if you’re looking for a new plan, you can use SaveOnEnergy to compare options and sign up with a new supplier.

Does Dynegy Energy Services run a credit check?

Electricity suppliers will often run a credit check before service begins. At SaveOnEnergy, we run a single soft credit check on your behalf, so you don’t need to go through that process with individual providers. Concerned about passing a credit check? Take a look at our articles about no-deposit and prepaid plans.

What are Dynegy Energy Services business hours and the best numbers to call?

  • Dynegy Energy Services lists its business hours as 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. (EST).  
  • For new residential customer sales, call (833) 277-8471 
  • For existing residential customer service, call (833) 265-6999  
  • Small Business Sales can call (833) 233-1782
  • Small Business Customer Service can call (833) 241-4591  
  • For large business and commercial, call (833) 245-4050 

What is the best Dynegy Energy Services electricity plan?

The best Dynegy Energy Services plan for you will depend on how long you want the term to last and which plan has the best rates for your needs. Enter your ZIP code to find the right plan for your energy needs. 

Contact Dynegy Energy Services

  • Headquarters: Irving, TX
  • Bill pay: Check out the contact page 
  • Customer service: Call 1-833-265-6999
  • Outages: Contact your utility company


Updated 11/16/2021

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