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Get to Know Gateway Energy Services

Gateway Energy Services Corporation is a natural gas and electricity supplier based in Rockland County, NY. In 2011, it became part of Direct Energy, an energy supplier and energy service provider that serves customers in 46 U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia and Canada. Today, this supplier offers Gateway Energy Services rates on supply for businesses and residential plans through its parent company, Direct Energy.

What does Gateway Energy Services offer?

While shopping for a new energy plan, you may notice that most suppliers offer different forms of supply rates. Which type of rate is available to you will depend on your ZIP code. For example, Gateway Energy Services in New Jersey may have different supply rates from those in Pennsylvania.

Commercial energy plans from Gateway Energy Services are also available. You can inquire with the company to receive a quote.

If you are interested in purchasing a residential plan from this supplier, you actually purchase it through its parent company, Direct Energy. Typically, residential supply rates from Direct Energy are secured:

Secured-rate supply plans have a supply rate that’s constant for the duration of a customer’s contract. These supply rates are ideal for customers who want a more predictable energy bill. Secured supply rates are also useful when planning a monthly budget.

Your utility will remain the same

No matter whether you are a business or household and regardless of where you purchase your energy supply from, your utility will remain the same. Utilities typically own the distribution system that delivers energy to your home. Therefore, it remains responsible for any infrastructure maintenance and delivery. You may notice a charge on your bill each month for these services. It’s important to remember that since the utility remains in charge of the distribution system, in the event of an energy emergency such as a power outage or natural gas leak, remove yourself from any danger and contact the utility for assistance.

Updated 10-8-19

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