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HINO Electric Powers Southern Texas

  • Headquarters: Harlingen
  • Founded: 2003
  • Markets served: Rio Grande Valley/ South Texas

HINO Electric Power Company is a Texas electricity provider that offers residential and commercial electricity supply. The provider supplies electricity to the McAllen area, as well as other cities in the Rio Grande Valley.

How to switch providers

If you’re looking to change your energy services to HINO Electric, the company’s site states that there is no fee associated with switching. However, other Texas electric companies may charge a cancellation or early termination fee. If you’re looking to switch providers, check your current terms and conditions for current fees. Keep in mind that your utility company will continue to provide your electricity during the switch.

Consumers are encouraged to compare Texas energy rates

There are many choices when it comes to Texas electricity companies. Consumers in Texas have the power to choose, and the only way to find the best electricity plan for you is to compare companies. Determine the supply rate you are currently paying for electricity so you can compare it to new supply rates from other electric providers.

Contact your utility in the event of an emergency

Although HINO Electric may be able to offer you energy supply, it cannot restore your power in the event of an emergency. This is because your electric utility company is in charge of maintaining power lines and energy delivery to your home. It is beneficial to know your electric utility’s contact information.

HINO Electric customers are in many cities across the Rio Grande Valley/South Texas and, because utility companies vary by region, customers should know their local utility contact information. The utility companies servicing the HINO Electric service area are AEP Central and Sharyland Utilities.

Updated 10-9-19

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