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  • Headquarters: Jamestown, NY
  • Founded: 2004
  • Subsidiary of: Genie Energy Ltd.
  • Markets served: Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia

As an energy supplier, IDT Energy works with local utilities to offer natural gas and electricity at competitive rates. The energy supplier originally only offered service to New York residents when founded in 2004, but it began expanding its service area throughout the Northeast. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd., and a Genie Retail Energy brand, IDT Energy is part of a larger system of energy suppliers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern United States. In 2014, the supplier received the Industry Leadership and Integrity Award at the NYC Energy Marketing Conference in Manhattan.

How does energy choice work?

Electricity is generated at a power plant, while distributors extract natural gas from the earth. This process has not changed. Instead, generation and extraction are now separate from supplying energy to consumers. Suppliers are retailers, selling energy supply plans, while utilities distribute the energy that suppliers sell. When energy choice legislation divided the industry into two parts, consumers gained the ability to choose who supplies their energy. Permitting consumers to choose their supplier, instead of only having one option to buy service directly from their utility, allows for competitive energy rates.

Shop smart with supply programs

IDT Energy encourages consumers to make the most of its energy supply programs. SmartBudget, a supply rate program focused on consistent billing, offers a guaranteed supply rate for a fixed term. SmartFlex offers a variable supply rate program with cash-back rebates based on the energy used. The SmartFlex variable supply rates are determined by market price, transportation, and other industry-related factors. In addition, IDT Energy also offers SmartFlex – Green. This program matches your energy consumption and invests that money into renewable energy.

Additional offers from IDT Energy partners

Consumers who choose IDT Energy as their energy supplier can receive extra benefits. Per every kilowatt-hour of electricity used, consumers earn redeemable reward points for partner retailers. The Refer-a-Friend program gives consumers cash for any customer they refer who is active for three or more billing cycles. In addition to these benefits, IDT Energy partnered with home security, identity theft protection and electronic protection businesses to offer discounts to qualifying customers.


Updated: 10-10-19

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