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Get to Know National Fuel Gas

Incorporated in 1902, National Fuel Gas is one of the first natural gas utility companies in the country. Today, the National Fuel gas company serves more than 740,000 customers between western New York and northwest Pennsylvania.

For cities like Erie and Sharon in the National Fuel service areas of Pennsylvania, this utility company delivers natural gas to their homes and businesses. Customers in Pennsylvania can choose to have their natural gas delivered and supplied by their utility or shop for alternative natural gas suppliers.

Learn more about Pennsylvania Gas Switch

Supply of natural gas to your home or business makes up about half of your bill – with the other portion consisting of delivery service charges. Pennsylvania Gas Switch gives customers the ability to shop for alternative natural gas suppliers in their service area. Benefits of non-utility natural gas suppliers could include

The Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act, which took effect in 1999 opened the door to competition among natural gas suppliers. Since then, consumers have been able to choose the natural gas supplier that offers the benefits they are looking for.

Contact National Fuel gas in the event of an emergency

The smell of leaking gas is often described as being reminiscent of rotten eggs. If you suspect a gas leak, vacate the area and call your natural gas utility company from a safe distance. Although a natural gas supplier may offer you competitive supply rates, the supplier cannot help you in the case of an emergency.

Area served: northwestern Pennsylvania

Emergency Number: 1-800-444-3130

News and safety: Click here

Community involvement: Read here

Updated: 5-6-20.

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