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NEC Retail Is Part of a Texas Electric Cooperative

  • Headquarters: Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Founded: 1938
  • Parent company: Nueces Electric Cooperative Inc.
  • Markets served: Texas
  • Read about NEC Retail’s youth programs and scholarship funds.

Nueces Electric Cooperative Inc. is the parent company of NEC Retail. Even though Nueces Electric Cooperative Inc. is a Texas energy cooperative, customers who live outside of the cooperative district can purchase their energy supply from NEC Retail. Texas electric rates are competitive throughout deregulated areas, but not in regulated areas such as in a cooperative district.

NEC Retail offers membership rewards

If you are looking for a company with no long-term commitment, NEC Retail could be the ideal electric provider for you. There are no fees associated with terminating service, according to the NEC Retail website. NEC Retail is different from other Texas energy providers because it is part of a Texas energy cooperative. Customers of NEC Retail are also owners of the company and are referred to as “members.” Members can participate in the membership referral program, youth programs and military benefit programs.

Partnership with Clean Energy Collective for a solar garden

In June 2015, NEC Retail partnered with Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to bring solar energy to southern Texas. NEC Retail is working with CEC, the world’s leading developer of roofless community solar solutions, to create a large-scale solar garden in the Coastal Bend. According to the NEC Retail website, the garden will have 7,000 solar panels available for purchase by any NEC Retail member. Members can purchase 100-watt panels that will offset their electric usage charges.

NEC Retail gives back

Members of NEC Retail give to charity through the Operation Round-Up program. Through this program, each electric bill is rounded up to the next dollar. The extra change goes into the Operation Round-up fund and is donated monthly to Nueces Charities Inc. Each year, Nueces Charities is able to grant awards of more than $100,000, according to the NEC Retail website.

In 1999, Texas began the deregulation process, and in 2002 customers were given the power to choose a third-party electric company. Texas electric rates are competitive among the electricity companies, and consumers can find the plan that works best for them. Representatives at NEC Retail provide residential and commercial services to those who enroll.

Updated 10-8-19

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