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What is North American Power?

North American Power is a competitive retail supplier that offers electricity and natural gas supply in markets including Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. Residents in these states have the power to choose which company supplies their electricity and/or natural gas to their apartment, home, business or industrial site.

Your power to choose a retail energy provider

Living in a deregulated market gives consumers the ability to shop around and choose a competitive retail supplier that best aligns with their energy usage and budget. Many find this process confusing or stressful. In order to make an informed decision, consumers should learn about the different competitive retail suppliers and understand the details of their plans, supply rates, customer service and green energy offerings.

North American Power and renewable energy solutions

This retail supplier offers customers a way to support renewable energy solutions. Through its green electricity program, customers can offset up to 100 percent of their electricity by purchasing renewable energy certificates. Customers can also purchase carbon credits to offset their natural gas usage.

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Many find comparing and choosing a retail supplier confusing, but we’re here to help.® is an online energy marketplace that provides valuable information that can help consumers decide which company is right for them.

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Updated: 10-8-19

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