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Oncor Electric Delivery Serves Millions of Texans

Oncor Electric Delivery Company is an electric transmission and distribution service provider (TDSP) headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Oncor delivers energy supply to about 10 million consumers. Across the state, it operates more than 120,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines and more than 3 million meters. The utility's 3,000 employees also volunteer for corporate citizenship efforts such as food drives, educational programs and more.

If you're a Texas business owner or resident, you have the power to choose your retail electric provider. However, you still have ties to your utility company. All consumers in the Oncor service area receive their electricity supply through the utility regardless of which retail electric provider they choose. The Oncor service area includes Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, Waco and Midland/Odessa.

Understand Oncor electric service

Since Oncor is a TDSP, it delivers the electricity you purchase from your retail electric provider to your home or business. Oncor electric rates and fees cover the cost of delivery and are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). Unlike supply rates available within the competitive market, you cannot shop around for utilities and their delivery rates. Everyone in the Oncor territory – as well as other Texas utility service areas – pays the delivery rates that the utility and PUCT set.

What to do in an Oncor electric emergency

If you experience any electric emergency such as a power outage or a damaged power line in your neighborhood, please report the emergency immediately to your area’s utility company. Depending on where you’re located in Texas, Oncor might be your TDSP. It is responsible for delivering your electricity to your home and also maintaining and operating the power lines. If an emergency arises, call Oncor, report your situation and the utility will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Important Oncor information

  • Area served: Texas
  • Contact information: 1-888-313-4747

Updated: 10-17-16.

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