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  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
  • Founded: 2010
  • Market served: Texas
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Penstar Power supply plans are available to both business and residential customers in Texas areas with energy choice. As stated on its website, Penstar Power is dedicated to providing its customers with professional care and flexibility. From prepaid offers to six-month secured supply rates, the company’s electricity plans vary to offer more opportunity to meet the needs of all Texas consumers.

Explore prepaid electricity and Penstar Power plans

Consumers looking for a flexible supply plan with no background check, deposit or cancellation fee may want to learn about the company’s prepaid electricity plan. The Simply Smart Plan offers prepaid electricity service and requires a $75 maximum activation fee, according to the company.

Customers with prepaid electricity supply must stay aware of their energy use and account balance to avoid service interruptions. It’s important these customers also take into consideration other fees such as connection, disconnection or credit card processing charges. All of these costs will affect the customer’s overall balance and could result in a depleted account and/or service interruptions.

In addition to the Penstar Power prepaid offer, the company has a no-contract plan as well as a price-protected plan available. As you shop among Penstar Power plans and alternative options in your area, find a plan that works with your lifestyle and energy usage. When you’re ready to select an energy plan, call us! An energy representative will explain your offers and recommend a supply option that fits your needs.

How to handle an electrical emergency

Although Texas consumers purchase their energy supply from a competitive supplier, this does not sever their relationship with their utility. Delivery and infrastructure remains the responsibility of the utility and it will charge consumers a monthly fee for these services. Where you live determines what utility you will receive service from. Therefore, if you move, you might have a different utility. Wherever you’re located, you must contact your utility company if electricity supply is not getting delivered properly to your home or business. Also, you might contact your utility when you experience an outage or downed power line in your neighborhood.


Updated: 10-10-19

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