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Learn About Philadelphia Gas Works

Established in 1836, Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) remains the largest municipality-owned natural gas utility in the United States. The utility company began with 46 gas lights along Second Street; today it serves natural gas to 500,000 customers for their home or business.

PGW has been an innovator in the natural gas community since its debut – helping Philadelphia become one of the first cities in the nation to replace coal-burning water heaters with natural gas water heaters in 1926. Then, in 1945, it developed the first single-point ignition range for ovens, which gave thousands of natural gas consumers the ability to light their own burners for added convenience and freedom in the kitchen.

Discover PA Gas Switch

PA gas choice debuted in 1999 as part of the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act. Following this ruling, consumers gained the freedom to choose their natural gas supplier in most areas of Pennsylvania.

In order to maintain quality standards for residents, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PPUC) certifies natural gas suppliers by making sure they meet requirements for doing business and manages the PA gas switch program.

PA gas choice allows you to change your supplier, but your gas delivery will continue to be provided by your Philadelphia natural gas company.

Compare Philadelphia Gas Works vs. alternative gas suppliers

Competitive natural gas suppliers may offer benefits your utility does not – such as green energy products, fixed-rate or variable-rate supply plans. In order to understand your supply plan options, it is helpful to become familiar with these terms. Fixed-rate supply plans offer customers a secured rate throughout the duration of their agreement, while variable-rate supply plans fluctuate with the market price of natural gas.

Contact in the event of an emergency

Although your alternative natural gas supplier may offer you the benefits you’re looking for, they should not be contacted in case of emergency. If you smell gas, leave the area and reach out to Philadelphia Gas Works by contacting their emergency line.


Updated: 5-6-20

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