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  • Headquarters: Sugar Land, Texas
  • Markets served: Texas

Pioneer Energy offers residential and commercial energy in Texas. Electricity rates became deregulated in 2002 across many cities in Texas, which gave residents the power to choose a retail electric provider and new energy plan. Pioneer Energy is one retail electric provider that joined the industry and began offering new energy solutions to consumers.

Prior to deregulation Texans relied on their local transmission and distribution service provider for all aspects of their energy service — from generation to delivery. Now, residents in deregulated cities such as Houston and Dallas must explore the marketplace and choose a retail electric provider to receive electricity in their apartment, home or business.

Exercise the power to choose

The power to choose is a privilege for residential and commercial energy customers alike. Residents and business owners in deregulated cities are encouraged to explore the potential options prior to choosing a retail electric provider for electricity.

In Texas consumers likely have a long list of options. To narrow the list of options down in a timely fashion, compare REPs, supply plans, customer service, green energy offerings and billing and payment options. After discovering the different companies and comparing their offerings and features, it’ll be easier to make a decision.

Pioneer Energy residential plans

According to Pioneer Energy’s website, the company offers customers options. Residential plans and supply rates may vary depending on the TDSP service area. In several TDSP service territories, such as Oncor, Texas-New Mexico Power and CenterPoint Energy, fixed-rate plans are available and vary in term length.

Fixed-rate supply plans are just what they sound like. Supply rates stay constant each month. Although the amount of energy consumers use on a month-to-month basis may change, the supply rate will stay the same. Plans with fixed supply rates are appealing to consumers who want peace of mind and don’t want their electricity supply rates to reflect frequent the increases and decreases of electricity in the market.

Features of Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy offers consumers the opportunity to become a broker. The company website states that it’s recruiting brokers with experience to offer quality service and more to customers.

In addition to offering a partner program, Pioneer Energy gives customers an online management tool for easy account access and payment. The company is also available via email or phone to address any questions regarding rates, billing and payment.

Updated 10-8-19

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