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SCANA Energy: Natural Gas in Georgia

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Subsidiary of SCANA Corporation
  • Markets served: Georgia
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SCANA Energy is one of the largest natural gas providers in Georgia, supplying more than 460,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers since 1997. In 2002, SCANA Energy was selected by the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC) to also act as the regulated natural gas provider for low-income consumers and those who are unable to get natural gas service from other marketers.

What are your options for Georgia natural gas?

Unlike the electricity market, the natural gas market in Georgia is deregulated. This means consumers choose a natural gas marketer for their home or business. Because of this legislation, natural gas marketers are competing for your business. In order to find the best deal on gas supply, consumers should take the time to research SCANA Energy rates and all the other natural gas marketers. Similar to shopping for Internet or mobile phone plans, comparing supply prices in this competitive natural gas market may land you the lowest price. Of course, keep in mind that price isn’t the only thing to consider when comparing natural gas supply plans.

Georgia natural gas plans: Learn more

There are many options when it comes to Georgia natural gas plans. SCANA Energy rates vary for residential and commercial customers. SCANA Energy prices also vary depending on the plan. Consumers can choose from fixed-rate plans, variable-rate plans, senior rates and a FlexRate plan, depending on their location.

A fixed-rate plan offers the same natural gas price for the entire length of the contract, whereas in a variable-rate plan, natural gas price fluctuates with the changes in natural gas cost. SCANA Energy also offers a FlexRate plan. The FlexRate plan is a fixed-rate plan with the option to adjust the price once during the 12-month term. Senior prices for fixed- and variable-rate plans are also available to customers over 65 years of age.

Supply prices are different for customers in the SCANA Energy Regulated Program. This program offers natural gas supply to low-income and credit-challenged consumers. Although this company is a natural gas marketer, it serves regulated program customers as the regulated provider. This means that SCANA Energy prices for those in the regulated program are subject to regulation by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

SCANA Energy Corporate Headquarters:

SCANA Energy

3344 Peachtree Road #2150 Atlanta, Georgia 30326

Phone: (877) 467-2262

Updated 10-8-19

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