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Consider Smart Prepaid Electric

  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Founded: 2002
  • Under Just Energy Group, which also operates Tara Energy and Amigo Energy
  • Markets served: Texas

Discover Smart Prepaid Electric in Texas

Texas retail electricity customers don’t necessarily have to sign an agreement with a retail electric provider. If a customer has a smart meter, he or she can choose to pay as they go with a Smart Prepaid Electric plan. How does it work? Well, the company can use the smart meter number to remotely set up a new account. After that, the customer pays in advance for energy under the Smart Prepaid Electric plan. As the customer uses energy, the company adjusts the account balance daily. When the balance is running low, the customer can add more to the account by paying online, over the phone, by mail or at a payment center.

Smart Prepaid Electric rates for Texas retail electricity

Smart Prepaid Electric rates on supply are variable, which means they can fluctuate depending on the energy market. When the customer purchases electricity, the supply rate typically stays the same until that electricity is used up and it’s time to reload the account. However, the next time the customer reloads the account, the supply rate may change. Knowing how much electricity will be used in a given period of time helps to plan and could possibly provide some insulation from market changes.

Advanced planning can also reduce spending. Smart Prepaid Electric charges a fee each time the customer adds money to his or her account. Customers can avoid frequent reloading by conserving energy and purchasing more energy supply up front.

How can I set up Smart Prepaid Electric service?

For customers who have smart meters, setting up service is easy. New customers can enroll by phone or online. After making an initial deposit, the supplier will contact the customer’s utility to request service. A service transfer can be set up remotely through the customer’s smart meter. To avoid disconnection due to account depletion, customers can track their usage online, through text message alerts to their cellphones or by calling Smart Prepaid Electric customer service. Prospective customers who are unsure if they have a smart meter can enter their address on the Smart Prepaid Electric website.

New customers looking to save money on start-up costs can either search for a Smart Prepaid Electric promo code or ask a customer service representative about sign-up bonuses.

Updated 10-8-19

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