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Read About TruSmart Energy

  • Headquarters: Houston
  • Founded: 2012
  • Markets served: Texas

TruSmart Energy is a competitive retail electric provider that offers electricity solutions in Texas. The company is recognized for offering various plans and supply rates including time-of-use electricity plans. As a retail electricity provider in deregulated areas of Texas, TruSmart Energy operates to meet the needs of its customers.

Brief history of the company

TruSmart Energy acquired dPi Energy in 2011. Prior to the acquisition, dPi Energy served its customer base with a variety of plans including prepaid. Now, TruSmart Energy offers prepaid plans in addition to other plans, supply rates and services.

According to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), the company added a subsidiary – TruValue Energy – to the brand in 2012. With electric choice in Texas, energy consumers can search for any TruValue Energy offers that might be available in their area.

In March 2016, TruSmart Energy sold its Prepay and Weekly/Biweekly customers to Now Power. These customers were switched with no change to their supply rate.

Plan and rate options

TruSmart Energy offers consumers in its serviceable areas secured-rate plans. Secured-rate supply plans involve price protection for the length of the contract. Free Sundays plans may also be available to you. The Free Sundays plan is a time-of-use product that requires a smart meter. Depending on your location and transmission and distribution service provider, free Sundays and other plans may be an option for you.

Highlights of the company

Aside from offering consumers competitive Texas energy rates, the company provides customers with additional benefits, including business energy, quality customer service, various payment locations including in person, online and over the phone, and a smart agent program to help individuals enter the sales industry and job market.

A TruSmart Energy Smart Agent outreaches to potential customers searching for Texas energy rates and plans. Smart Agents receive commission and can work on their own time. In addition to agent opportunities, this competitive retail supplier also offers other careers for those interested in working in the energy field.

How to handle emergencies

According to TruSmart Energy, the company offers services to the following transmission and distribution service provider areas: Oncor, Texas-New Mexico Power, AEP and CenterPoint Energy. If you live within these TDSP boundaries you’ll need to contact the TDSP directly for any questions or concerns regarding your delivery. If you experience an electrical emergency contact your TDSP at the earliest convenience to resolve the problem.


Updated: 10-10-19

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