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How does TXU Energy MarketEdge work?

With all the Texas energy rates out there, it can be difficult at times to find the one that’s right for you. Many plans tout the advantages of locking in a rate for a year or more. That’s great for stability, but it also can mean you get locked into a rate for an extended period. But what about when prices go down – which can happen with volatile energy markets?

TXU Energy has a plan that can put the advantage in your hands. The TXU Energy MarketEdge plan ties your monthly price of electricity to the monthly price of natural gas – the largest source of power generation in Texas. Quite simply, when the price of natural gas goes down, the rate you pay for your electricity goes down. And if the price of natural gas goes up, you can always choose a different plan with TXU Energy.

The company offers some guidance for TXU Energy MarketEdge consumers with current and projected natural gas prices on its website. It also provides at least two weeks’ notice before changing its electricity rate.

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What are the advantages of TXU Energy MarketEdge?

The obvious advantage is that when market conditions are favorable, a customer’s electricity rate can go down. That’s in contrast to fixed-rate plans in which a homeowner could be locked into a higher rate for as many as three years.

But there’s another advantage as well for TXU Energy MarketEdge. There’s no early termination fee. If the market outlook is bad, a customer may leave the plan without penalty and opt for another energy plan.

What is TXU Energy?

TXU Energy, a Dallas-based retail energy provider, isn’t new to the game. The company has roots dating back to 1882, and they serve customers throughout Texas.

The company also stands for giving back: It offers a variety of plans and programs to aid local communities and assist the environment, including planting and maintaining trees. It also offers assistance to low-income customers to help keep them keep their power on.

TXU Energy also offers low deposit plans.

How can I order TXU Energy MarketEdge?

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