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How does TXU Energy Smart Deal work?

As you search Texas energy rates for a plan that’s right for you, everyone looks for low rates and great customer service, but the best deals take another factor into account: price stability. Savvy consumers want to lock in the right Texas energy rates for the time period that’s right for them.

Has TXU Energy got a deal for you? The company’s Smart Deal plans come with great rates over three terms:

  • Smart Deal 12 – Lock in your Texas energy rate for 12 months.
  • Smart Deal 24 – Lock in your Texas energy rate for 24 months.
  • Smart Deal 36 – Lock in your Texas energy rate for 36 months.

For any of the above TXU Energy Smart Deal plans, any changes in your bill during this plan term would come from differences in the amount of power you use in a month, changes in your utility’s transmission and delivery rate, changes in federal, state or local laws resulting in new or modified fees or costs.

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Is TXU Energy Smart Deal right for me?

TXU Energy Smart Deal plans are great if you’re looking for:

  • An energy rate with price stability that stays the same through the length of your plan’s term.
  • Plans with no hidden fees – as with other TXU Energy plans, you’ll know everything up front.
  • Flexibility – if you move, there is no early cancellation fee.
  • Peace of mind. TXU Energy offers a 60-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee for new residential customers. If you don’t like the plan you’re on, you can switch plans for free.

Who is TXU Energy?

TXU Energy isn’t new to the game. In fact, you can trace their roots back to 1882 when Dallas Electric Lighting Company brought electricity to North Texas. More than 100 years later, in 2002, the Texas competitive electricity market opened, and TXU Energy became the state’s leading retail electric provider. It serves residential and business customers all over Texas.

The company offers a variety of plans and programs to give back to local communities and assist the environment, including planting and maintaining trees. It also offers assistance to low-income customers to help keep them keep their power on.

TXU Energy also offers low deposit plans.

How do I sign up for a TXU Energy Smart Deal plan?

It only takes minutes. Simply enter your ZIP in the space below, evaluate the energy plans available in your area and follow the prompts.

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