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For more than 130 years, UGI Utilities has been serving Pennsylvania energy consumers as one of the state’s natural gas and electric utilities. With a self-proclaimed commitment to delivering reliable, affordable energy, the utility serves roughly 700,000 energy consumers. While the majority of its customers purchase natural gas from the company, UGI electric supply is also utilized by many businesses and homeowners.

Compare UGI Pennsylvania supply rates

Thanks to the programs PA Gas Switch and PA Power Switch, residents of the Keystone State have the freedom to choose where they get their energy supply and aren’t limited to purchasing solely from their local distributor.

If you’re moving to Pennsylvania and need gas or electricity for the first time, or if you are curious about switching suppliers, you’re in luck – you have the power of choice. Keep in mind that one of your options may be UGI for electric or gas. Pennsylvania residents: Take advantage of your freedom to choose and compare UGI electric and gas supply rates in its service territory with rates from various retail suppliers.® is available to provide information about supply rates offered by retailers near you. Call today to speak with an energy representative and learn more.

Call UGI Utilities for maintenance needs

Since the utility is responsible for maintaining its natural gas pipeline that spans more than 13,000 miles throughout 45 Pennsylvania counties and a system of power transmission lines in a smaller area, it will be your point of contact for certain issues that may arise. Even if you choose to purchase your energy supply from a gas or electric retailer in your area, UGI Utilities will handle maintenance requests.

If you suspect a gas leak, the power goes out in your neighborhood or you notice a downed line, call UGI in Pennsylvania immediately. As soon as the company is aware of the issue, a crew will be sent to resolve it as soon as possible.

Keep the following UGI Utilities information on hand:

  • Area served: 45 counties throughout Pennsylvania
  • Gas leak number: 1-800-276-2722 or 1-800-652-0550
  • Power outage number: 1-800-276-2722
  • News and safety: Read here and here
  • Community involvement: Read here

Updated: 5-6-20.

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