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Compare Apples to Apples: Ohio Has Competitive Energy Rates

For more than 10 years, Ohioans have had the opportunity to shop around for natural gas and electricity supply rates. When you choose a new supplier, a retail energy company becomes responsible for supplying your home or business with natural gas and electricity. Even when you choose an alternative supplier, your local utility will still deliver the energy supply to your home or business and respond to any emergencies or repairs.

With a variety of competitive energy rates at your fingertips, it might be difficult to decide whether or not a certain retail energy supplier is right for your energy needs. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is responsible for facilitating competitive energy choices for Ohioans and assuring adequate, safe and reliable services. As a result, the PUCO Apples to Apples comparison tool gives Ohio residents and business owners the ability to compare retail energy supplier features such as competitive energy rates, contract terms and customer care.

Through our online comparison portal at SaveOnEnergy.com®, we help energy customers like you compare apples to apples in Ohio. Our natural gas and electricity marketplace features some of the leading retail energy suppliers across the state along with competitive supply rates. Ohio energy consumers can conduct a side-by-side comparison to find an energy supplier that meets their energy requirements and quality standards. With SaveOnEnergy.com, finding a retail energy supplier is a simple, worry-free process.

A decision that greatly impacts your monthly finances shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you live in an area in Ohio with energy choice, take advantage of your power to choose a retail energy supplier and competitive supply rate. Enter your ZIP code to see what energy offers are available in your area. Need more guidance? Call us today to receive more information and talk directly to one of our energy representatives!

Updated: 5-6-20.

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