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Plug In Illinois – Illinois Electric Choice

The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997 restructured the state’s electric service industry to allow a choice of electric suppliers. Consumers in Illinois have the option of choosing a different electric supply company if they’re not completely happy with their utility. Commercial and industrial consumers have embraced this choice – about 75% get their electricity from a retail electric supplier.

Plug in Illinois is owned and operated by the Illinois Commerce Commission. The ICC’s goal is to pursue an appropriate balance between the interests of electricity suppliers and consumers, making sure utility service is safe, reliable and cost-effective.

The Plug In Illinois website lists rates and plans from all competing electric and natural gas companies in Illinois. Since it is open to all competing energy companies, the list and navigation is quite cumbersome and does not insure consumers are picking from financially stable and reputable electric companies.

Much different from the Plug in Illinois,® pre-screens and pre-qualifies energy companies in Illinois based on strict criteria. When shopping and selecting an energy company at you can rest assured you are only seeing offers from the top rated companies that have been hand selected based on financial stability, proven management and market expertise, proven billing practices and customer service, and competitive rates and innovative products.

Updated: 5-6-20

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