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Early Termination Fees for Electricity Providers

Learn more about what an early termination fee is and how to avoid it.

Written by Allie Ogletree

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 05/09/2024

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Key Points

  • If you have a fixed-rate energy plan, you may face an early termination fee for switching plans.
  • Early termination fees cost anywhere from $100 to $395 on average.
  • Some energy providers charge $20 per month remaining in your fixed-rate contract.
  • You won’t incur an early termination fee if you’re moving out of your provider’s current service are.

Frequently asked questions about ETFs

  • Most providers on the SaveOnEnergy marketplace charge ETFs of $150 to $395. Plans with a monthly fee through the duration of your fixed-rate plan typically charge $20 per month remaining on the contract. You can view each plan’s ETF when shopping for energy on our website. Enter your ZIP code and click on plan documents to find the EFL with a price breakdown.

  • You can find your energy plan’s ETF by learning how to read your electricity bill and reviewing the Electric Facts Label (EFL) that came with your plan. If you’re looking for a new plan and want to check its ETF, simply search for your ZIP code on our marketplace and click on the plan documents tab to access the EFL.

  • On average, the shortest fixed-rate plans also have the lowest ETFs. Most fixed-rate plans on our marketplace last for 12 months and have a $150 ETF. Most 24-month plans have ETFs ranging from $200 to $295. Meanwhile, you’ll see the highest ETFs for 36-month plans, which range from $200 to $395.

  • You can sign up for a variable-rate plan for more flexibility. With these plans, you can cancel any time without incurring a fee. However, variable-rate plans can be risky because your rate will fluctuate depending on the energy market.

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