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Energy-Conscious Buildings Across America

The U.S. population is about 319 million people, and it’s projected to reach a whopping 400 million by 2051. As our population grows each year, so does our impact on the environment in a number of dramatic ways. Americans’ increasing need for energy is certainly an environmental hurdle we will need to jump over.

Fortunately, there are existing programs that encourage people and companies alike to reduce their energy consumption. One primary example is Energy Star, which is administered by the EPA and provides guidance and certifications to companies demonstrating a desire to control and reduce energy usage.

Energy Star certification* is awarded to any building that demonstrates a significant reduction in energy use when compared with other structures of the same type. A byproduct of certification is reduced utility costs through decreased energy consumption and a reduction in pollution emitted by the same cause. These benefits are a win not only for the companies that achieve certification but for the environment and world population as a whole.

The following project focuses on Energy Star certifications for commercial buildings that represent a major segment of energy use in this country. Using this data, we were able to determine trends in different building types, corporate objectives, and other variables.

So who’s doing their part to reduce energy consumption in the U.S.?

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