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Here are the five hottest days in Texas history

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We’re all feeling the heat as summer temperatures continue to soar. Texans are no stranger to scorching summer days and normally rely heavily on a well-functioning air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable.

Curious about how hot it can get in Texas? So were we! That’s why the SaveOnEnergy team compiled a list of the top five hottest days recorded in Texas history.

June 26 and 27, 1980 – 113 degrees

This was a record summer in Texas as temperatures soared into astonishingly high numbers in Dallas and Fort Worth. For the record, the average Texas high in June clocks in around 92 degrees, so these temperatures likely took Texans by surprise.

June 30, 1994 and July 23, 2018 – 114 degrees

There are two dates that tied for the fourth hottest day in Texas. In 1994, El Paso temperatures hit an impressive 114 degrees. Twenty-four years later, Waco’s summer temperature hit the same level. Hopefully residents of these two regions were prepared with some ways to beat the heat.

June 27, 1994 – 116 degrees

The month of June 1994 is on our list again with another scorching hot day. These extreme temperatures spanned over several Texas regions, but MidlandOdessa experienced the highest temperature of 116 degrees. Residents of Midland-Odessa truly learned the value of an energy-efficient air conditioner during the summer of 1994.

June 28, 1980 – 117 degrees

The summer of 1980 will certainly go down in history as one of the toastiest summers on the record! Wichita Falls’ temperature reached 117 degrees on this day – but record-high temperatures in the triple digits lasted throughout the weekend.

August 12, 1936 and June 28, 1994 – 120 degrees

As crazy as it sounds, there are two dates that tie for the hottest day in Texas history. The heatwave of 1994 earned the most spots on this list, but the summer of 1936 is the earliest super-hot day in history. On August 12, 1936, Fort Worth and Seymour clocked in intimidating temperatures reaching 120 degrees.

With so many supremely hot days on the record, it’s no wonder Texas is known for its heat. During the summer months, Texans have learned it’s important to have energy-efficient air conditioners and a solid electricity plan – both of which will keep your energy bills from reaching record highs as well!