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Best Solar Generators of 2023

Written by Tessie Devlin /

Edited by Jamie Cesanek

Last updated 09/14/2023

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Key Points

  • Best-rated solar generators include Jackery, Westinghouse, Nature’s Generator, EcoFlow, and Generark.
  • The top solar generators create clean, safe, renewable energy for your home, RV or camper, cabin, boat, or truck.
  • A solar generator can protect against power outages and is an affordable way to try solar energy.

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Pros Cons
Uses green energy and is eco-friendly Must purchase solar panels separately
Low carbon footprint with no costly fuel required Battery life may be insufficient for your energy needs
No dangerous fumes or CO2 emissions Recharging time can vary across generator models

Home solar generator FAQs

  • Take a quick inventory of what you need to charge before purchasing a solar generator. Many solar generators will charge a phone and several small items; however, you may need a higher wattage solar generator to power large items, such as a refrigerator or medical devices like a CPAP machine. 

  • The weight is a key feature among the best portable solar generators. If you want to move your generator often, look for a lightweight model or a solar generator with a cart, such as the Nature’s Generator. 

  • Finding the right fit is an integral part of purchasing a solar generator. If you need the best solar generator for home use, try estimating your energy use with our energy consumption calculator.

  • A solar generator can power several crucial items in your house in a power outage. A portable solar generator is generally a short-term power solution. To use solar energy to power your home, it’s best to research the most efficient solar panels and consider installing a solar system on your roof.

  • For peace of mind or in case of emergency, it is a good idea to have a solar generator while camping. It can charge your cell phone, GPS, and other electronic devices.

Solar energy by state

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