Best solar generators of 2022 |

Best solar generators of 2022

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Solar generators create clean, safe, renewable energy for your home, RV or camper, cabin, boat, or truck. A solar generator is an excellent green energy alternative to traditional gas generators that is portable and uses readily-available solar energy. Discover the best solar generators for 2022 below.

Think of a solar generator as a supersized power bank, but instead of providing backup energy for just your phone, it can power computers, appliances, medical devices, and more. The rise of remote work offers more people the opportunity to work from a cabin, campsite, RV, or boat. A solar generator can also protect against power outages, with no solar installer needed, which makes it useful for camping, road trips, long-haul truckers, and the military. Plus, you don’t have to purchase expensive fuel. And, if you’ve been thinking about getting solar panels for your home, a portable solar generator is an easy way to try out solar energy first. 

Best solar generators

  1. Jackery Solar Generator
  2. Westinghouse iGen Portable Power Station
  3. Nature’s Generator
  4. EcoFlow DELTA Solar Generator
  5. Generark Solar Generator HomePower 2

The best solar power generators for your home

We researched these top-rated solar generators to help make your search for electricity backup easier, whether you want solar power generation for home or travel. We compared capacity, price, portability, and more for the following generators. Later, we’ll break down the features of the top solar power generators for your home in a side-by-side comparison. 

Jackery Solar Generator

The Jackery Solar Generator has a built-in handle, two USB-A ports, and a 12V Direct Current (DC) car adapter. You can recharge the Jackery using portable solar panels, a wall outlet, or a car outlet. Jackery generators come in six different sizes, ranging from the Jackery 160 model that weighs just under four pounds, to the 35.2-pound Jackery 1500 model. This solar generator has a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The entire Jackery solar generator line is a zero-emissions product and uses lithium-ion solar batteries.

What we like: The Jackery Solar Generators allow for a customizable fit since you can pick the right size generator for your energy needs

Things to consider: Some Amazon reviewers reported getting less than the advertised battery life, even after a full charge. 

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Westinghouse iGen Portable Power Station

Like the Jackery generator, the Westinghouse iGen Portable Power Station is available in different sizes. This portable generator has a rugged aesthetic, a built-in handle, and an easy-to-read LCD screen. The Westinghouse solar generator offers additional safety features, such as “[l]ow voltage protection, short circuit protection, and overload protection.” 

What we like: The Westinghouse iGen160s clocks in as our lightest portable generator at just 3.75 pounds. 

Things to consider: Similar to the Jackery generator, you will need to have a good idea of what you will use the solar generator for before purchasing. Otherwise, you risk underestimating your energy needs and getting a generator that will not support all your devices or overpaying for a too-large model. 

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Nature’s Generator

Nature’s Generator has three AC outlets, two USB ports, a wall charging input, and a convenient rolling cart. A unique feature of this solar generator is that it can be charged using solar panels (either monocrystalline or polycrystalline) or a wind turbine to harness wind energy. This solar generator has a Bluetooth feature to allow app connectivity; however, the user must purchase the necessary SmartKey separately. Due to its lead-acid battery, the Nature’s Generator must be recharged every four months, slightly more often than other generators on our list. This solar generator comes with a one-year limited warranty.

What we like: The Nature’s Generator is a deal for the size, output, and features that come with a generator at this price point. 

Things to consider: This solar generator was the only one on our list that uses a lead-acid battery, which can have a shorter lifespan and may have a small fire risk. It was also the heaviest generator on our list. 

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EcoFlow DELTA Solar Generator

The EcoFlow DELTA solar generator line has four options in size and wattage: the DELTA mini, DELTA, DELTA Max, and DELTA Pro. The standard DELTA solar generator comes with six AC outlets and boasts superfast charging speed, at up to “10 times the speed of most battery-powered stations in the market.” A lithium-ion battery and a 24-month warranty make this solar generator a great choice among the best home solar generators of 2022.

What we like: Users praised the fast charging quality of this solar generator. 

Things to consider: The standard DELTA model cannot be connected to the 

EcoFlow app because it doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities. However, if you prefer a smart generator, the Max and Pro models can utilize the app to monitor and help optimize your energy habits. 

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Generark Solar Generator HomePower 2

According to Generark, the HomePower 2 “can charge and power crucial communication devices, home appliances, security devices, cameras, lighting, medical devices, tools, and more.” This solar generator comes with many accessories, including an AC charging cable, a car charging cable, a cart for easy moving, and a dust cover. The Generark HomePower 2 is also waterproof and completely safe for indoor use. Calculate how long your devices will run on the HomePower 2 with this Usage Time Estimator.

What we like: This solar generator has the longest warranty of all our top-rated solar generators by far at five years. 

Things to consider: Some reviewers stated the directions were vague and difficult to follow. You will also likely need to purchase extension cables separately since the included cables are just three feet long. 

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Best solar power generators

Price* Watts/Capacity Weight Warranty Best for
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer $139–$2,799 160–1,500 3.9–35.2 pounds 2 year Customizable, select-a-size generator options
Westinghouse iGen Portable Power Station $139.99–1,199 100–1500 3.75 lbs–31.1 lbs 2 year (limited) Portability (Most lightweight options)
Nature’s Generator $749.99 1800 65 pounds 1 year (limited) Value (good wattage for the price)
EcoFlow DELTA solar generator $1,199 1260 23.6 pounds 2 year Fast charging
Generark Solar Generator HomePower 2 $3,297.00 (for “Starter” bundle, which includes two solar panels) 1800 45.2 pounds 5 year Outstanding warranty

*Prices accurate at the time of publishing

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How to find the best solar backup generator

Similar to searching for the best solar panels, there are certain features to pay attention to when selecting the best solar generator, such as:

  • Price: You can find a price point for almost any budget because the best solar generators run between $139–$3,300. 
  • Watts/Capacity: A solar generator with a higher wattage will be able to run more devices simultaneously, as well as power larger devices, such as a refrigerator. 
  • Product weight: If you are going to tote your solar generator from place to place, make sure the weight is reasonable for you to carry (or has a supplementary cart). If space is limited, check the generator’s dimensions as well. 
  • Charging time: Some solar generators take longer to charge than others, so knowing the charging time is crucial if time is limited. 
  • Warranty: Warranty lengths of the best solar generators vary between one to five years.


Portable solar generator types

Solar generators that are classified as portable can vary drastically in weight and dimensions. If you are wondering what defines a portable solar generator, you’re not alone. According to Consumer Reports, “That designation can include everything from a little 30-pound generator you’d use at a campground to charge your phone all the way up to a 250-pound behemoth capable of powering your entire house through a sustained outage. Think of a portable generator as any model that’s not a home standby generator.” 

That said, portable generators cost much less than home generators. If you wish to charge your portable generator with solar energy, you will also need portable solar panels. These solar panels are sold separately and are much less expensive than the cost of home solar panels.

How do solar-powered generators work?

The best solar generators of 2022 work by storing solar energy for future use. If you’re charging your portable generator using solar panels, those solar panels work by converting sunlight to electricity. You can also charge most portable solar generators using a car charger or AC charger. The battery in the generator will store the energy until you need it. Once in use, the integrated solar inverter converts the stored energy to usable power for your devices.

Pros and cons of solar generators

Pros Cons
Uses green energy and is eco-friendly Must purchase solar panels separately
Low carbon footprint with no costly fuel required Battery life may be insufficient for your energy needs
No dangerous fumes or CO2 emissions Recharging time can vary across generator models

Home solar generator FAQs

What capacity do I need for a solar generator? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Take a quick inventory of what you need to charge before purchasing a solar generator. Many solar generators will charge a phone and several small items; however, you may need a higher wattage solar generator to power large items, such as a refrigerator or medical devices like a CPAP machine. 

What makes a solar power generator portable? Expand / Collapse Toggle

The weight is a key feature among the best portable solar generators. If you want to move your generator often, look for a lightweight model or a solar generator with a cart, such as the Nature’s Generator. 

How do I know how much energy I use? Expand / Collapse Toggle

Finding the right fit is an important part of purchasing a solar generator. If you need to get the best solar generator for home use, try estimating your energy use with our energy consumption calculator

Can a solar generator power my house? Expand / Collapse Toggle

A solar generator can power several crucial items in your house in a power outage. But a portable solar generator is generally a short-term power solution. If you want to consistently use solar energy at your home, it’s best to research the most efficient solar panels. Plus, there are several options for offsetting the cost of residential solar, such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), leasing solar panels, or a solar power purchase agreement (PPA). Having your own solar panels also lets you take advantage of programs such as net metering, state solar incentives, and renewable energy credits (RECs).

Do I need a solar power generator for camping? Expand / Collapse Toggle

If you want to make sure your cellphone, GPS, and other electronic devices stay charged for peace of mind or in case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to have a solar generator when camping.