Arcadia Community Solar

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Last updated 10/11/2022

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About Arcadia

Founded in 2014, Arcadia is the largest manager of residential community solar programs in the U.S. The company’s software technology connects with utilities and handles 4.5 terawatt-hours of residential energy demand. Arcadia provides subscribers with the most customer-friendly community solar experience.

By joining an Arcadia community solar program, subscribers can save up to 15% off their electric bills. Arcadia doesn’t require a credit score to join its programs or a long-term commitment. It also consolidates your utility billing charges and community solar subscription into a single bill for your convenience. So, instead of two bills, you will get just one. Arcadia also does not have a cancellation fee if you decide to end your community solar subscription. 




Founded: 2014

Services offered: Community solar for homes and businesses

Service areas: Illinois, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Washington D.C.                 



  • Zero upfront cost
  • Provides 100% locally generated solar power
  • No solar panel installation requirement
  • No credit card requirements or termed contract
  • Consolidated electric bill
  • Available to renters and homeowners
  • Local electric utility integration
  • Online dashboard to track and understand usage
  • Growing service areas


How does community solar work?

Community solar allows multiple consumers to subscribe to 100% clean and renewable energy from a remote wind or solar farm. Once you subscribe to a community solar project, electricity generated from Arcadia’s community solar farms will be delivered to your utility provider and then to you. Since subscribers receive their share of electricity through the local power grid, there is no disruption in the electricity supply. The average kilowatts of electricity you consume per month determines your share. When you subscribe to a community solar program, you will earn benefits either by getting net metering credits or offsets toward your monthly electric bills. Depending on your energy consumption and location, you could save up to 15% on your annual electricity costs. Some community solar programs allow members to sell or donate their community solar subscriptions. 

Community solar projects can be owned and operated by utilities, third-party developers, or communities themselves. Whether utilities own community solar projects or not, shared solar helps utilities stabilize the grid and reduce costs on grid maintenance. Community solar also helps utilities meet their state’s renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which require that a certain percentage of power generation must come from renewable sources. Currently, 31 states and Washington D.C. have RPS policies.

In addition, 22 states and Washington D.C. have community solar laws in place. Even without laws permitting community solar, some states voluntarily participate in shared solar projects. Community solar projects in the U.S. make up about 3,200 megawatts of total installed capacity. As investments in solar power generation will increase under the Inflation Reduction Act, a new law aiming to boost clean energy technologies, community solar programs will further expand in the U.S.

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Explore solar options with Arcadia

Are you interested in powering your home with community solar?® can help; the subscription process with Arcadia is easy and quick.

  • Step 1: Check the availability of community solar in your area by entering your ZIP code and utility provider on the Arcadia website.
  • Step 2: Set up your Arcadia account with your utility login details and payment information. 
  • Step 3: Start saving on your electricity bill every month.

Once you join, Arcadia begins applying energy-saving credits you earn from participating in a shared solar program to your utility bill. Arcadia will send you one monthly statement that includes your solar credits and your usual utility charges.

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Services offered by Arcadia

Community solar for homes

Whether you own or rent your home, you can join a shared solar program with Arcadia. No upfront cost, equipment, or extensive approval process is involved in subscribing to community solar. When residential customers join Arcadia, they don’t need to switch their electricity provider. Some community solar companies ask for an electric bill and a credit score to participate in their programs. Arcadia doesn’t ask you these items.

Community solar for businesses

Businesses can go green and fulfill their corporate sustainability goals by joining a local solar farm. Arcadia can help connect companies to community solar and manage everything related to the subscription experience. Many companies, including Airbnb, Goldman Sachs, Audi, Biogen, and Urbint, get their clean energy through Arcadia.

Arcadia service areas

Arcadia handles 185 community solar projects, which serve 65,000 subscribers. Since 2014, Arcadia community solar programs have been available to customers in Illinois, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Colorado, and the District of Columbia. Arcadia is poised to expand its service coverage as more states adopt legislation supportive of community solar. 

Contact Arcadia

  • Headquarters: 555 11th Street NW Fourth Floor, Washington, DC 20004
  • Customer service: Call (866) 526-0083 or email
  • Bill payment: Access your Arcadia account here

FAQs about Arcadia

  • As an energy brokerage company, Arcadia helps you get your energy from 100% renewable and clean energy from the sun and reduce your electricity bill. The company connects homes and businesses with a nearby community solar farm or garden. It integrates customer RECs and utility bill charges into a single bill and manages customer service and bill payments. You still receive your energy through the power grid, and the same utility company continues to supply your electricity.

  • Community solar is the most affordable and accessible way for most people to switch to solar energy. Community solar is the best alternative to power your home with low-cost energy if you rent, share your roof, or can’t afford to install solar panels on your rooftop. Joining a shared solar program is typically straightforward, and savings can begin immediately.  

  • Joining a community solar program with Arcadia is easy. You need to verify the availability of community solar in your area by entering your ZIP code and your utility provider on the Arcadia website. After that, you can sync your utility account details with Arcadia and enter the payment information. It takes only two minutes to join community solar with Arcadia.

  • No. Arcadia allows you to cancel your community solar subscription at any time with no fee. If you’d like to cancel your account, you can email Arcadia at with the subject line “Cancel My Account” or call (866) 526-0083 between 9 am and 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

  • There is only one disadvantage of joining a community solar program. Since you wouldn’t own the solar system as a subscriber to a shared solar program, you won’t be able to take advantage of tax credits and rebates. 

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