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Emporia energy monitoring: products, pricing, and reviews

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Last updated 08/26/2022

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Cost of Emporia energy monitors

Emporia Product Cost
Gen 2 Emporia Vue Energy Monitor $84.99
Gen 2 Emporia Vue with 8 Sensors $124.99
Gen 2 Emporia Vue with 16 Sensors $164.99
Gen 2 Vue with 16 Sensors and Sensi Bundle $279.99

FAQs about Emporia

  • Emporia is a home energy company that sells products including energy monitoring systems, home EV chargers, smart plugs, and battery storage systems. 

  • Emporia was founded in Littleton, Colorado in 2018 and was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2019. The company has operated across the U.S. for four years.

  • The Emporia Vue energy monitor is installed in the electrical panel of your home. Emporia offers an installation guide online and on the Emporia App for its energy monitor options. Read the step-by-step installation instructions carefully when installing the Vue.

  • The Emporia Vue home energy monitor costs between $84.99 – $279.99 depending on how many sensors you need and whether you choose the bundle option that includes the Sensi smart thermostat.

  • SaveOnEnergy is an independent energy marketplace that partners with top-tier home energy companies, including Emporia. SaveOnEnergy can help you find the best energy management products, including electricity tracking tools and EV chargers offered by Emporia. Visit the SaveOnEnergy catalog on Emporia’s website to learn more.

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