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LG RESU Review

Last updated 04/18/2023

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Compatibility with most off-grid and grid-tied solar systems Numerous product recalls due to faulty battery cells
Superior discharge rate at 95% Price is higher per watt than Tesla Powerwall
Available from many solar companies Return on investment can take a long time

If you consider investing in the LG RESU Prime battery, it is worth weighing different factors in deciding if it is the right choice. 

  • Net metering. If you have net metering benefits, buying a battery makes less financial sense. Net metering is a billing mechanism that allows a solar system owner to receive credits each month for the excess power you send to the grid. With net metering, the power grid serves as a battery.
  • Frequent power outages. If you have frequent power outages, it may be worth having a battery that can provide a continuous power supply.
  • Time-of-Use rates. If your utility offers Time-of-Use (TOU) rates for electricity, having a solar battery makes sense. The Time-of-Use pricing encourages customers to use energy at non-peak hours since electricity rates tend to be more expensive during peak hours (mornings and evenings). You can save money by using stored energy during hours when electricity is expensive. 
  • Going off-grid. Solar batteries may be considered an essential component of a solar system if you intend to live off the grid and maintain a reliable power supply.
  • Solar battery incentives. As mentioned above, some states provide solar battery incentives in addition to the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit. These benefits could significantly lower the upfront cost of your solar batteries. 

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