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What Is a Solar Installer?

Last updated 06/27/2022

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Key points

  • A professional solar installer receives training to install solar systems correctly.
  • Solar installers typically get on-the-job training and relevant education.
  • Their duties include installing panels, completing electrical work, filing permitting paperwork, and maintaining solar systems.

A solar panel system is complicated technology. While it is possible to install solar panels yourself, having a trained solar installer do the job will give you confidence and peace of mind that your system will work correctly and last a long time. When you install panels yourself, there is a greater risk that something might be done incorrectly and cost you more money. 

As solar power has become more accessible and affordable over the past decade, the demand for professional solar installers has gone through the roof. Professional installers have the skills to work on residential and commercial solar systems, and with advanced solar technologies and the electrical grid. Many solar equipment manufacturers may deny a warranty to replace or repair a part if a licensed professional does not install it. That could be a costly mistake for the solar owner.

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