Ben GallizziSenior Content Editor - Energy

Ben is SaveOnEnergy’s energy expert. Since 2018, he’s written about a range of energy topics for and Uswitch, including covering industry news and ensuring consumers can access up-to-date information to help them save money on their gas and electricity.

Price cap represented by money saving and a lightbulb

The ultimate guide to the energy price cap and how it could affect you in 2021

All you need to know about the April 2021 energy price cap set by Ofgem and how the price cap could affect your energy bills.

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How are my utility bills broken down?

Learn how to read your utility bills in order to better understand what you have been charged by your energy supplier and why - find a breakdown of the average utility bill and price comparisons to help you save on energy.

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Happy woman using laptop to compare energy prices.

How to compare energy prices

Compare gas & electricity deals with Saveonenergy's price comparison information. Switching supplier is quick and easy - do it today and start saving on energy bills.

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Man putting money from energy supplier into jar

How to find out if your energy supplier owes you money

Discover if you have energy bill credit left over from your current gas or electricity supplier. Find out how to check if you are owed an energy refund with this advice from energy saving experts.

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Happy woman finding cheapest gas and electricity

How to find the cheapest gas and electricity

Find the cheapest gas and electricity deals using our energy price comparison. Switch to a new energy supplier today and start saving on your utility bills.

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How to set up gas and electricity when moving home

Learn how to set up your new gas and electricity supply when moving house, and how to inform your previous energy supplier.

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The tenants' guide to switching energy supplier

Discover if you can or cannot compare and switch energy providers without your landlord's permission. More than three-quarters of UK renters are missing out of hundreds of pounds worth of energy savings by not comparing and switching their energy supplier.

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Woman and dog taking advantage of Warm Home Discount on sofa

What is the Warm Home Discount?

All you need to know about the Warm Home Discount scheme. Discover if you are eligible, and start saving on your energy bills today.

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Woman using a tablet to switch gas and electricity

How to switch gas and electricity

Saveonenergy can guide you through the process of switching energy supplier. Learn how to compare energy deals, and reduce your bills by choosing a provider that suits your needs.

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