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Solar panels in a field

Renewable energy guides

Getting green energy is a priority for many energy customers when switching to a new deal. Make sure you're informed about the ins and outs of green energy with our expert guides.

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Hand adjusting temperature on thermostat

Energy-saving guides

SaveOnEnergy doesn't just help you switch to a better energy deal - we also want to show you how you can spend less by saving more with practical energy-saving tips for your home.

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Woman with new energy supplier adjusting temperature on radiator

What to do after switching energy supplier

Not sure what to do after switching energy supplier? Here's how the process works.

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Happy couple calculating their monthly energy usage

How to calculate your monthly energy usage

Learn how to calculate your monthly energy usage, and discover where you could save on energy. Could you save by switching energy supplier?

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Woman adjusting smart thermostat

Is it cheaper to leave your heating on all day?

Should you leave your heating on all day or turn it on and off as needed? Find out in our guide.

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Houses with different energy tariffs

Understanding the different energy tariffs on offer

Wondering why there are so many different tariffs and prices available in the UK energy market? Learn more about how the prices are calculated here. Could you save money by comparing energy deals and switching supplier today?

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Old couple enjoying life on the Priority Services Register

What is the Priority Services Register and how do I get on it?

The Priority Services Register was recently broadened by Ofgem. Learn what it involves and how to register.

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How to get power cut compensation

Expert advice from money saving experts to help you get compensation from your energy supplier.

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Child adjusts electricity meter

The ultimate guide to electricity meters and meter readings

Saveonenergy explains how to read your electricity meter and make sure you don't pay more than you need to for your energy.

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Wood burning stove in winter

What are Cold Weather Payments and am I eligible for them?

Find out what the Cold Weather Payment grant is, if you are eligible, and how to claim, plus more advice on cutting down your energy bills.

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