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Learn About Baltimore Gas and Electric

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is a utility company based out of Baltimore, Maryland. It delivers natural gas and electricity to businesses and homes in Baltimore and parts of 10 counties in Central Maryland. BGE falls under Exelon Corporation’s family of companies. Exelon has other subsidiaries, including PECO in Pennsylvania and ComEd in Illinois. About 10 million customers receive natural gas and electricity supply through Exelon’s six utility companies. On its own, BGE delivers electricity and natural gas to approximately 650,000 natural gas customers and more than 1.2 million electric customers. If BGE is your utility company, you have the ability to choose a competitive energy provider for electricity or natural gas supply.

Explore Baltimore Gas and Electric customer programs

Commercial and residential customers have the opportunity to conserve energy and reduce negative impacts on the environment through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®. One of the program’s residential options is called PeakRewards™, where customers allow the utility company to cycle their air conditioning units during peak electricity season (typically summertime).

If a homeowner enrolls in the program, BGE installs an outdoor switch or programmable thermostat at the location. If you’re a renter, you’ll have to get permission from your property manager or landlord first. Cycling refers to the process in which a signal is sent to a homeowner’s installed device to disrupt the transfer of electricity to the AC unit for a period of time. The utility company says cycling works to decrease high energy demand and electricity costs. The BGE PeakRewards? program is available to all residents in the utility’s service area, regardless of supplier.

What to do in an emergency

If you experience an electric or gas emergency, call the utility company immediately. According to its website, the utility company spent about $27 million in 2016 alone to remove tree branches that may interfere with power lines. However, bad storms and outages sometimes occur. If your power goes out or you notice a gas leak, contact the company so it can dispatch a crew and resolve your issue.

  • Natural gas or electrical emergency: 1-800-685-0123
  • Power outage: 1-877-778-2222


Updated: 10-9-19

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