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Learn About Citizens’ Electric

Citizens’ Electric is an electric distribution company – also known as a utility – located in Lewisburg, PA. The company serves nearly 7,000 energy consumers in Lewisburg and its surrounding communities – a territory that spans 55 square miles throughout Buffalo, East Buffalo and small portions of other nearby townships.

Citizens’ Electric has been a member of the Pennsylvania energy market for more than 100 years. Each year, it delivers around 175,000,000 kWh of electricity through its 214 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines.

Compare Citizens’ Electric supply rates

An investor-owned electric utility, Citizens’ Electric Company’s supply rates are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. When residents of Lewisburg and its surrounding communities need power, Citizens’ Electric is one of their options from which to purchase their power supply.

However, energy consumers in Pennsylvania have the freedom to compare supply rates offered by both their local utility and various retail electric suppliers, thanks to the PA Power Switch program. Since 1997, the Pennsylvania energy marketplace has offered its residents electric choice, meaning they are no longer required to use their local utility when they need to purchase power. Instead, they can compare Citizens’ Electric PA supply rates with those offered by retail suppliers to find a plan that best fits their lifestyle, energy needs and budget.

If you’re moving to the Lewisburg area and need power or are simply interested in switching supply plans, contact® to hear supply rates offered by retailers in your service area.

Understand when to contact Citizens’ Electric Company

If, after comparing supply rates offered by retailers in your area, you choose to get power for your home or business from a supplier other than Citizens’ Electric, the utility will still be your point of contact for various maintenance issues, including power outages.

In the event that you need to contact Citizens’ Electric, keep the below information on hand.

  • Area served: Lewisville, PA, and its surrounding communities
  • Power outage number: 570-524-5887
  • News and safety: Read here
  • Community involvement: Read here

Updated: 10-13-20