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What Is Met-Ed?

Met-Ed is one of four regulated power distributors in Pennsylvania owned by the FirstEnergy Corporation, a power company that generates energy for roughly 6 million customers spanning from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic shore. As a whole, First Energy, headquartered in Ohio, owns more than 24,000 miles of transmission lines throughout several states. In PA, the utility serves 560,000 residents across 15 counties.

Discover what Met-Ed PA can do

Two decades ago, the electric utility industry in Pennsylvania deregulated, giving home and business owners in the state the freedom to decide on an electric utility supplier of their choice. Consumers can compare supply rates between various suppliers in the marketplace – including Met-Ed rates on supply – before making an informed decision.

Met-Ed PA is an electric distribution company that delivers energy to consumers throughout the eastern region of the state. Consumers are not limited to only getting power from their distributor (also referred to as a utility). Instead, they can compare rates and plans offered by various retail electric suppliers. However, consumers are also free to stick with Met-Ed as both their distributor and supplier.

Met-Ed PA, an ever-improving distributor

In an effort to deliver the best service possible, FirstEnergy and Met-Ed have been taking great strides to upgrade and strengthen the transmission system. These billion-dollar initiatives, including conducting tree trimming near power lines to reduce outages and efforts to improve the grid are set to continue throughout 2017. Last year, Met-Ed trimmed more than 2,600 miles of electric lines.

Call Met-Ed PA in the event of an outage

Many factors can contribute to a power outage. The most common reason? Severe weather that causes wind or fallen tree branches to knock down power lines. If this occurs in your neighborhood, contact Met-Ed immediately. As soon as the distributor is aware of the outage, it will send a crew to safely resolve the situation in a timely manner. If you see a downed power line outside of your residence or business, do not go near it – leave the maintenance to the professionals.

To prepare yourself for a power emergency, keep the following information on hand:

  • Area served: Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Outage phone number: 1-888-544-4877
  • News and safety: Read here
  • Community involvement: Read here

Updated 10-9-19