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What Is MidAmerican Energy?

Founded in 1995 in Des Moines, IA, MidAmerican Energy is a transmission and delivery utility that provides service to Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. The utility supplies energy to more than 752,000 electric customers and more than 733,000 natural gas customers throughout its 10,600-square mile service area. As a distributor of natural gas and electricity to the region, the company works with local businesses and Midwest communities to provide support and alternative electricity options thanks to renewable energy research. MidAmerican Energy, according to its website, is committed to environmental responsibility and is dedicated to developing climate-friendly solutions that keep costs affordable.

Go green with MidAmerican Energy

This utility is part of a larger, parent company called Berkshire Hathaway Energy and has signed the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Specifically, MidAmerican Energy has committed to owning more than 4,000 MW of renewable generation capacity by 2017, completing a long-term regional plan to integrate renewables onto the electric grid, reducing coal in its energy generation mix and advancing energy storage technologies that will help achieve greater sustainability. Its parent company has committed to investing $15 billion in renewable generation, retire coal-fueled generation capacity and much more.

Discover MidAmerican Energy Services

In all its markets, the company employs a staff that can answer questions about changes to MidAmerican Energy rates, issues paying bills, reporting downed power lines or gas leaks and switching service. A few of the other services associated with this company include:

  • Using automated bill pay to take the stress out of remembering to write checks each month.
  • Discussing your meter reading with an agent to analyze your daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption.
  • Reporting a new outage or checking the company’s outage map to see whether the whole neighborhood is down or it’s just your home.
  • Submitting a streetlight repair request.

Important utility contact information

  • Areas served:Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota
  • Power outage number: 800-799-4443
  • Gas leak number: 800-595-5325


Updated: 10-9-19