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What Is National Grid?

National Grid is a utility that transmits and delivers energy across three states in the Northeast. The utility is part of a greater international energy company of the same name and based in the UK and northeastern U.S. In the UK, the utility owns transmission systems across England and Wales, with more than 11 million consumers in Great Britain. In the U.S., the utility owns and operates networks with 3.4 million electricity consumers and 3.6 million natural gas consumers.

Where is the National Grid service area?

The National Grid service area in the United States consists of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Within these states, the utility owns and operates several historical utilities including: Massachusetts Electric Company, Nantucket Electric Company, Boston Gas Company, Colonial Gas Company, Narragansett Electric Company, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Brooklyn Union Gas Company, Keyspan Gas East Corporation and New England Power Company.

Compare competitive energy rates in New York

Like any utility, National Grid rates for natural gas and electricity supply are regulated. This means that the New York State Public Service Commission approves the supply rates passed on to you to ensure you are not being overcharged and that the utility is not making a profit off its supply. Although the supply rates are approved by the Public Service Commission, this does not guarantee that the utility supply rates are the lowest in your area.

In order to find the lowest supply rates available for your home you should compare National Grid rates to energy services company (ESCO) rates.® can help you compare your options and enroll in a new energy supply plan.

Report outages to National Grid

If you’re experiencing a National Grid outage, please call and report it immediately. No matter which company supplies your home with electricity, the utility is responsible for outages because it controls the power lines. If you experience a natural gas emergency such as a gas leak, you must report it to the utility as well.

Useful information

  • Areas served: New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Power outage number: 1-800-867-5222


Updated: 10-9-19