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Niagara Mohawk: A National Grid Company

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, a utility company in upstate New York, was acquired by National Grid in 2002. With the purchase of Niagara Mohawk, National Grid expanded its customer base and now serves about 3.4 million electricity customers and close to 4 million gas customers in the northeast, including upstate New York. Energy rights and regulations were not affected by this purchase and customers in this region are still able to receive energy supply from National Grid or explore alternative options from energy services companies (ESCOs).

Understand National Grid and energy choice in New York

National Grid’s service area includes more than just New York. The company is involved in energy markets in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Also, National Grid owns several other utility companies including New England Power Company, Boston Gas Company and Keyspan Gas East Corporation.

Residents in the National Grid service area can choose which company supplies their home or business with natural gas and electricity. The energy market in New York became deregulated in the late 1990s. This change gave consumers the option to receive energy supply from their local utility company or explore the new marketplace and competitive plans offered by ESCOs. Understand that there are differences between a utility and an ESCO. Regulated supply rates are only available through the utility company, whereas an alternative New York energy supplier may offer competitively priced supply plans, various contract lengths and green energy products.

How to take action in an emergency

Whether you receive energy supply through an ESCO or National Grid, the utility company will continue to maintain the pipelines and wires to keep you safe. Also, it will deliver your electricity and natural gas supply regularly and responsibly.

Consumers who suspect a gas leak or power outage should contact National Grid immediately at the phone numbers listed below. The company can inform and dispatch crew members to fix the infrastructure and bring back your power or stop your gas leak immediately.

  • For power outages, call: 1-800-867-5222
  • For gas emergencies, call: 1-800-892-2345

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Updated: 10-9-19