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What Is Nicor Gas?

Nicor Gas is an Illinois-based natural gas utility with roots going all the way back to 1855. Through more than 34,000 miles of gas pipelines, Nicor Gas delivers energy to more than 2.1 million customers. The utility transports natural gas to 96 percent of the homes in its service territory and is the largest natural gas distributor in northern Illinois. The utility is a subsidiary of Southern Company Gas (previously known as AGL Resources).

You have the power to choose in Illinois

In 1997, Illinois passed legislation that gave consumers the power to shop for competitive natural gas rates. Instead of requiring consumers to pay Nicor Gas supply rates, people in the area can compare supply rates and search for a different offer.

Should you find a good deal, you’re free to switch away from Nicor Gas supply without penalty. As per the energy choice law, the utility is required to deliver energy to your home, regardless of which supplier you choose. If you decide Nicor Gas supply rates aren’t right for you, the utility will still provide the same great service.

How do you report a gas leak in northern Illinois?

In an energy choice market, you have the ability to pick your own energy plan. While you get to choose a retailer who supplies your energy, the local utility remains responsible for the transmission and delivery of that energy.

Nicor Gas operates all gas pipes within the area. Illinois residents in this service territory must notify the utility immediately of any natural gas safety concern. Once you’ve called Nicor Gas, the utility can dispatch crews to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

More information about Nicor Gas in Illinois

  • Area served: Illinois
  • Gas emergency number:1-888-642-6748

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Updated: 10-9-19