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Learn About North Shore Gas

North Shore Gas is a utility dealing with natural gas in Illinois. The company provides regulated supply services and is also focused on the delivery process. The company has roots in the natural gas industry that date back more than a century. According to its website, North Shore Gas delivers Chicago natural gas to more than 50 communities.

The company’s history is quite detailed. North Shore Gas started in the early 1900s. Over the years it was acquired and incorporated into other companies, including Peoples Energy Corporation. Today, it operates as a utility under the WEC Energy Group.

North Shore Gas delivers natural gas to more than 158,000 customers in the northern Chicago area. As a resident in a northside Chicago suburb, it’s likely this utility delivers natural gas to the house or business you live or work in.

Utility regulated rates

Consumers in this service area can receive regulated supply rates. Utility regulated rates are usually different for residential and commercial energy customers. Although prices may be different depending on the type of customer you are, regulated rates are all approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

According to this utility, there are different charges involved with your service. These charges include a delivery charge and commodity charge. A delivery charge includes distribution and storage whereas a commodity charge encompasses the buying and transportation of the natural gas supply.

The delivery process

North Shore Gas charges a delivery surcharge just like other utility companies. This is because it is responsible for fixing and maintaining the underground pipelines that bring gas to homes and businesses in Illinois. This charge covers the costs for the company to continue to delivery gas safely and reliably.

All residents are subject to these charges. In order to continue to deliver natural gas, utilities charge maintenance and delivery fees to its customers.

Call in an emergency situation

Any customer who suspects a gas leak or smells an abnormal odor should contact his or her utility immediately. As the operator of the pipelines, the company will dispatch a crew to resolve the issue.

  • Areas served: Communities north of Chicago
  • Gas emergency number: 866-556-6005


Updated 10-8-19