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Find Out About Ohio Edison

Ohio Edison is a utility company that’s a part of the FirstEnergy group of companies. FirstEnergy in Ohio focuses on producing and transmitting electricity from its generation plants to some consumers with energy choice. In addition to this utility company, other FirstEnergy Ohio regulated companies include The Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison.

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Ohio Edison offers regulated supply rates to residents and business owners who live or work within its service area. These types of supply rates are approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. In addition to delivering and managing energy supply, the utility also offers energy conservation programs for consumers in the area. For example, residential consumers with central air conditioning have the option to enroll in the company’s Easy Cool Rewards program. With the help of a professionally installed thermostat, consumers have the chance to reduce their home’s heating and cooling consumption during high-demand periods.

With energy choice, some Ohioans can continue to receive energy supply from their area’s utility company or check out alternative supply rates through competitive retail suppliers. Energy choice provides the chance to compare supply rates and identify if switching suppliers is the best option.

How to handle an emergency

Whether you stay with your utility or choose a different retail supplier, Ohio Edison will continue to be your local electric distribution utility and your delivery will stay exactly the same. There will be no disruption of service and you can continue to rely on your local utility company to power your home.

This being said, utilities respond to all electrical or gas emergencies. If you experience any emergency, contact your utility as soon as possible. Put yourself and your family first. Energy in Ohio should be delivered safely and properly and any issue with service should be reported.

  • Phone number for outages: 1-888-544-4877


Updated: 10-9-19