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What is Oncor Energy?

Oncor is the largest energy delivery company in Texas. Founded in 1912, the company provides energy to over 400 communities and 98 counties across Texas, with close to 140,000 miles of managed power lines. 

Some of the major coverage areas in Texas include Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and other communities to the northwest, including Midland and Odessa.

How to understand deregulation in Texas

In Texas, customers have the choice of electricity providers. In the U.S., electricity utilities operate in varying ways, and each state is different. Some states, like Texas, encourage competition among the retail energy suppliers, which is a good thing for consumers. Deregulation gives energy customers more choice and control. 

When it comes to choosing a provider, we can help. Here are some provide you with many solutions when it comes to choosing a provider:

Difference between a utility and a provider

Oncor is a utility, or the company responsible for delivering electricity to your home. Utilities also maintain the electrical equipment in your area, so that’s the company you call when you have a power outage or downed power lines.

That energy comes from providers, which provide the actual energy to the utility (Oncor, here) so that it can be delivered to your home. 

Which providers are available in Oncor Energy’s service area

If you live in one of Oncor’s many service areas across Texas, a number of providers are available to provide your electricity, including Constellation, Direct Energy, 4Change Energy, and TXU Energy. Rates vary by provider, so before you switch, it’s important to look into all of your options to compare electricity rates.Read this ultimate guide to energy plan lingo if you need help understanding the various aspects of energy plans, including types of plans, rate structures, contract terms, and more.

Contact Oncor Energy

For questions about Oncor rates, bills, or to report outages, contact the company using one of the methods:

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