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Energy Options Through Penn Power

Penn Power, a FirstEnergy utility, is a Pennsylvania electricity distributor that serves more than 160,000 customers in six western Pennsylvania counties. FirstEnergy, an energy corporation based in Akron, Ohio, serves 6 million customers over a 65,000 square-mile service area. Penn Power is one of 10 utilities, spanning from the Midwest to the Jersey Shore, which make up the corporation.

Pennsylvania electricity choice gives you the power to choose

Deregulation, commonly referred to as energy choice, was introduced to Pennsylvania in 1997 when legislation passed that gave consumers the ability to choose who supplied their electricity. Penn Power is a regulated electricity utility that produces and distributed electricity. When caps on electricity rates expired in 2011, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) started PA Power Switch, a program that allows consumers to compare different suppliers’ electricity rates.

Anyone needing Pennsylvania electricity can choose a supplier or stay with the utility. is a marketplace where consumers can compare rates and find information on suppliers. If consumers decide to purchase a particular electric rate plan from a supplier, they will still receive electricity produced from the distributor, such as Penn Power, in their service area.

Penn Power projects improve service area

FirstEnergy invested more than $130 million in Penn Power during 2015. This investment included installing transmission lines, substations and grid related infrastructure. Reinforcement or replacement of more than 250 utility poles in the Penn Power service area contributed to $79 million spent on transmission-related ventures.

The electric distribution utility initiated employee apps that made it easier to dispatch crews to assess damage to power lines and correct outages. In addition, Penn Power restored a worker training program that taught technical skills at training facilities and local classrooms. This training program allows people interested in the energy field an opportunity to work with the Pennsylvania electricity distributor.

Understand your electricity rates

Electric generation suppliers price electricity by the kilowatt-hour. This pricing structure allows consumers to easily compare pricing from different suppliers. It can also help you better understand your energy usage, since you can see how the number of kilowatts used in a billing period affects your bill. Be sure to thoroughly read the supply plan offered by a supplier. Plans do not have a standard length. A supply plan may require someone to commit to 24 or 36 months.

  • Area served: Western Pennsylvania
  • Emergency contact information: 1-888-544-4877


Updated: 10-9-19