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What Is Peoples Gas?

Peoples Gas is a regulated natural gas transmission and delivery utility in the city of Chicago. It has a long history within the city, dating to 1850 when it became the city’s first utility and was responsible for lighting street lamps. The company has since grown substantially, and today serves about 828,000 customers in Chicago.

Learn more about energy choice

Illinois is an energy choice state, meaning consumers have a choice in their natural gas supply. Residential and business customers in Chicago can compare rates, plans and customer service options from several retail energy suppliers to find the most competitive deal. The utility may or may not have the most competitive natural gas supply rates. Be sure to compare supply plans from Peoples Gas to retailers’ supply rates.

Explore Peoples Gas in Chicago, not elsewhere

If you’re looking for more information on your utility, understand that many utilities operate under similar names. Peoples Gas in Chicago is a natural gas utility that delivers energy to homes and businesses in the area. Similar to Peoples Gas, Peoples Natural Gas offers gas delivery service. However, Peoples Natural Gas operates in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky, where it delivers energy to about 700,000 people. It is not affiliated with the Chicago company. There is also another Peoples Gas located in Florida. This company, which is part of TECO Energy, is a natural gas distributor as well.

Report gas leaks and gas-related emergencies to your utility

Despite where you purchase your natural gas supply from, Peoples Gas will remain the delivery utility for the Chicago area. The utility oversees the network of gas pipelines in Chicago and is in charge of maintaining the network. You supplier doesn’t have access to these lines.

If you notice a gas leak or other gas-related emergency, be sure to get away from the area and call the emergency phone number, listed below, right away.

Important information for Peoples Gas

  • Area served: Chicago
  • Gas leak number: 866-556-6002


Updated: 10-9-19