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Learn About Potomac Edison in Maryland

Potomac Edison is an electric utility in Maryland that transmits electricity to apartments, homes and businesses within its service territory. As part of the FirstEnergy family, Potomac Edison is one of 10 regulated electric companies that collectively provides power to roughly 6 million consumers.

Since the energy supply market in Maryland is open, electricity supply is available from multiple retail supply companies in addition to the electric utility, Potomac Edison. Consumers within this service area can stay with the utility for regulated supply rates or choose an alternative retail supplier. Supply rates can vary significantly between suppliers, so a benefit of this power to choose is the freedom to find a plan that best meets your needs and budget.

Potomac Edison rates on supply are regulated

Potomac Edison works closely with the Maryland Public Service Commission to offer consumers regulated supply rates and ensure that they are charged fairly. Regulated rates are only available through utilities and usually reflect current market prices, subject to change based on supply and demand, time of year and the state of the market.

Experiencing a power outage?

Whether you decide to pay a regulated rate to Potomac Edison or switch to a retail supplier, your utility is in charge of maintaining the infrastructure of transmission lines within its service area. If you live within its service territory, report any issues, including power outages, downed power lines or electrical emergencies, directly to the company.

Since the utility handles maintenance, emergency situations and the delivery process, consumers are charged a delivery fee to cover these costs, even if they choose to get power from a retail supplier.

Potomac Edison contact information

  • Area served: Maryland
  • Power outage number: 1-888-544-4877
  • News and safety: Read here
  • Community involvement: Read here


Updated: 06-30-20