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PPL Electric Utilities

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PPL Electric Utilities

Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL), officially referred to as PPL Electric Utilities, delivers and transmits electricity supply to about 1.4 million customers in 29 counties. The utility’s service area includes central and eastern Pennsylvania, with more than 48,000 miles of power lines. The corporate office is headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and has committed to investing $5 billion in improvements, such as new technology and replacing old equipment.

Understand PA Power Switch

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) activated PA Power Switch in 2011, giving consumers the ability to choose who supplies their electricity. While consumers now have the option to get electricity (and natural gas) from retailers, the utility remains responsible for all infrastructure within its service area. This includes PPL Electric Utilities and its 50,000 miles of power lines.

Compare PPL Electric Utilities’ rates to other competitive suppliers

As a resident with energy choice, you have the ability to choose between utility rates or supplier rates for your electricity supply. It’s best to explore your options and compare utility rates to competitive retailer supply rates. The PUC regulates PPL Electric Utilities’ supply rates, but that does not guarantee they are the best prices available. Ensure you’re paying the most competitive prices for electricity by comparing utility supply rates with retail energy suppliers’ prices.

Contact the utility if there is a loss of power

If you experience an electric emergency, such as power loss, be sure to notify PPL Electric Utilities immediately. The utility company is in charge of responding to any electrical emergency and is responsible for resolving any issues.

  • Area served: Central and eastern Pennsylvania
  • Power outage number: 1-800-342-5775
  • Click here to connect to PPL’s outage center.


Updated: 10-9-19

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